My Post Road-Trip Radio Superlatives

I recently embarked on a journey of epic proportions spanning many miles of this great land.  Over the past week, I drove from Pittsburgh to Columbus, Ohio to Charleston, South Carolina and back to Pittsburgh.  It was quite the journey and made for some good times.  But when you have to use GPS the entire time and you drive a 2002 Honda Civic, this means you can’t connect your radio adapter aux cord to heat things up.  Instead, I had to rely on the radio for much of my trip (not the whole time though, I’m not crazy. I have J. Cole’s classic “2014 Forest Hills Drive” on CD).

I’m not a big radio guy. I like listening to my music that I know I like and tend to avoid the poppy corny radio singles that are so popular now.  But over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate this type of music more by taking it for what it is. There are actually a lot of good, catchy songs on the radio. While I will not put nearly any of them on my iPod, I didn’t mind listening to them while driving around for over 1000 miles.  I came up with the idea to make a superlative list/playlist of my radio experience while driving back home yesterday and hearing the fantastic Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” for the 30th time. Now, I did listen to some local Hip-hop/R&B stations but I’m going to keep this list to just the Hits stations I listened to. Here goes.

Could Not Get Enough: Calvin Harris- How Deep Is Your Love

This song is the bomb. Before I met fellow writers Teej and Chewb, I never really listened to this kind of music before. But when you hang out with those two as much as I have, you don’t really have a choice. Gotta say, I’m glad because there are some really dope tunes flowing from this genre and “How Deep is Your Love” is my favorite. Every time this came on, I started dancing, singing along, and just became overall a happier person.

Did Not Play Enough: Macklemore- Downtown

When I first heard this song, I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated it. I’m sure now: I LOVE it. The beat is hella dope and it’s a hilarious and fun concept behind the song. Unfortunately, this song only played about 3-4 times the entire trip. I feel like I should have heard it more for how amazing it is. This is a call out to all radio stations! Play this song more!!!

WTF Moment: Psy- Gangnam Style

This song came on at one point on the trip and I legitimately started laughing out loud. I forgot how popular this song was a few years ago. Well, I of course jammed out to it for a while and enjoyed every second. This dude has the most viewed video in YouTube history and I have no idea what he is saying in over half of the song. Good for him.

Coolest Beat: Levels- Nick Jonas

I was immediately captivated by this beat. I think its awesome. The way it breaks down, builds up, and then drops into that guitar riff/a cappella “up-up-up up-up-up up-up-up” has me groovin.  Never thought I’d say this, but I liked this song by Nick Jonas.

King and Queen of the Radio: The Weeknd and Taylor Swift

These two artists have the airwaves on lock. Each artist has multiple songs in circulation on the radio. The fact that T Swift still has five songs getting radio play, when her album dropped over a year ago, is very impressive.  As I mentioned before, I heard “Wildest Dreams” an astounding amount of times. So much that I actually know pretty much every word to the whole song. As for The Weeknd, no other male artist was even near him. He’s got at least three huge songs running the radio, especially “The Hills” which I heard and sang along to well over 15 times.

Most Played Song: Elle King- Ex’s and Oh’s

I don’t think it was possible to go more than 30 minutes without hearing this song. Seriously, it played A LOT. But it’s a good song so I didn’t mind all that much. And I learned an amazing fact about Elle King. She’s Rob Schneider’s daughter! WTF? It’s true though, she didn’t take his last name so she could make it on her own. Job well done, Elle.

Honorable Mentions: Taylor Swift- Wildest Dreams, Shawn Mendes- Stitches, Drake- Hotline Bling

These songs played a shit-ton as well.

Throwback of the Trip: Lady Gaga- Telephone

This song came on more than once. In fact, I remember hearing it at least 4 times. I have no idea why it was being played so much but I’m not complaining. A classic hit from Lady Gaga and Beyonce. The people will love this one.

Catchiest Song: Justin Beiber- What Do You Mean

This song is a jam.  The Beibs may be a douchebag in need of maturing but his music has matured a great deal since his “Baby” days. He is a certified R&B superstar now and makes good music that men and women of all ages (not just 13-16 year old girls) can enjoy. This song played a lot but it felt like I still needed it more.

Best Song: Adele- Hello

This is a no-brainer. This is hands down the best song out there right now. Period. Adele’s voice is one of the most amazing things to bless this Earth in recent history. Her range is incredible and this song just gives me goosebumps from how beautiful it is. My words are falling short of describing how I feel about this song. Just know it is fantastic and deserves as many plays as possible.

Those are the superlatives for the trip. I’ve created a playlist with those songs and some more that were very prominent throughout the trip. Enjoy the tunes of today’s radio (minus T Swift cuz Spotify 😦 ).