The Review (7/23-7/29)

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Look good, feel good, listen to good music. The end of summer is approaching and the jams just keep coming. What did this past week have to offer you ask…

Dancehall-inspired R&B continues to dominate Summer 16

Dancehall has been around for a while but it has reached more mainstream heights this summer with Drake’s hits “Controlla” and “One Dance.” If you’re a fan of either of those two songs, then you’ll be sure to enjoy Verse Simmonds’ “In My Feelings.” This song has a perfect, laid-back island vibe to just throw on and chill to.

Vibe out to Consequence’s new jam

“Ask Somebody” features a very well known sample that most will immediately recognize from Jay Z’s “Ain’t No Nigga.” The song has a funky vibe and features a verse from Tony Yayo and a hook from my boy Ty Dolla $ign.

The official soundtrack for “The Land” is here and loaded with talent

“The Land” hits theaters today and the soundtrack for it is out too. Executively produced by Nas, the movie follows a group of young inner city kids who find some drugs and decide what to do. It’s essentially a “Dope” knock-off but maybe it’ll be good (“Dope” was an excellent movie if you haven’t seen it yet). But the soundtrack has three can’t miss songs: “This Bitter Land” (Nas and Erykah Badu), “Paid” (Pusha T and Jeremih), and “Figure It Out” (which features French Montana, Nas, and Kanye and was released a while ago but still worth noting in case you missed it).

JoJo teams up with Wiz Khalifa for lead single “Fuck Apologies”

Get your pop fix this week with JoJo’s new single. We all hate to admit it but pop music can be addictive. I’ll say it, I’m feeling this song. And much like the message of the song, I’m not apologizing for shit.

This week is full of summer vibes and this song keeps the theme going strong

Mac Miller revealed his plans to drop a new album in September and also dropped off this awesome new song featuring my favorite new artist Anderson .Paak. Mac’s music has evolved with every new project and you can really feel the influence moving to Cali has had on him in this song especially.

New Chainsmokers is fire

“Closer” is the newest dope song from The Chainsmokers that is sure to light up playlists everywhere. I know my fellow writers lose their shit when a new Chainsmokers song comes out and I gotta say, I enjoy them as well. You’re not human if you don’t enjoy this song.

DJ Khaled’s new album “Major Key” is finally here

I won’t be able to post a link to the album since it is only available on Apple Music right now but it’ll be on Spotify in a few weeks. For now, go buy it or find it online like I know you are all capable of. About the album itself, it is great. Much, much better than his last album. I really don’t have any complaints about this album and find every song enjoyable. Much worth the wait and I’d say it lived up to the hype.

Some other notable releases include: Game dropping another album called “Block Wars” to go along with his new mobile game and Nipsey Hussle’s newest Marathon Monday song is called “I Don’t Stress.” That’s it. See you next week people. Thanks for reading/listening.

G Baby


Goodness Gracious- Ellie Goulding (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Before I get into the blog this is one my favorite remixes period. Ellie Goulding is magical and The Chainsmokers absolutely nailed this song…I’ll never hear enough of it. I hope this song makes its way towards your Top 25 Most Played….

You know when you wake up and realize that it’s finally that day you’ve been looking forward to for months and can’t help but get over excited….

The Chainsmokers are coming to town and I for one am very very excited for that. Luckily Pittsburgh is one of their stops on their Friendzone Tour with special guest Matoma, who will also be worth going early to see…tropical house city. This will be my second time seeing them (probably not the last) and I’m expecting a lot better than the debacle that was their Atlantic City show back on 4th of July weekend (there really wasn’t anyone there.) I will be joined by fellow writers Chewb, Zimmvibes, and AV as well as some of our other friends who follow the site so I’m expecting a nice little Tuesday evening with some Roses and hopefully this Ellie Goulding remix.

For those reading this that are going to the concert, let’s all have a good time and forget about midterms for a few hours and listen to some awesome music. And for those of you reading this who aren’t going….

Don’t worry I’ll post a blog about it with some pics and some of the songs they played so don’t fret!! ABAD will always be here to help with your music FOMO.

Cue the music!!!

The Chainsmokers- New York City

The Chainsmokers are back with their newest single “New York City” and closes out their Bouquet EP that’s on Spotify now…

The rest of the songs have been released before, and most have appeared on this site so they should sound familiar. It starts off slow with just the vocals, piano, and strings in the background. I don’t know who the singer is, but whoever she is I think her voice is pretty above average. I like the verses way more than the drop in this song (that’s a hot take, I’ve only listened twice so that might change) but I like that they are trying different things with their music. There isn’t a song on the EP that really sounds the same as another. Every song by these guys will be blogged regardless of my liking it or not. Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend. And for those who didn’t see the Flyers Bruins game Wednesday night….here’s Captain Claude’s rocket in OT to give the Flyers the win

Top shelf…right where Momma hides the cookies. That gave me chills

Dreaming- Smallpools (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Me when this song comes on at a party:


How can you not like The Chainsmokers. They are everything that’s right about progressive house music right now. Using Indie samples to create bangers is literally genius. If you listen to Smallpools this remix is a must hear because it transforms the song into something you never would have thought of.

The primary reason I still hangout with fellow writer Teej is because he showed me The Chainsmokers and I would feel bad ditching him now after we shared that special moment.

Even though this is an older song, it will make your Monday so much better. Pretend its Wednesday (because thats the start of the weekend) and take some shots of Fireball to this song. Tuesday will be so much better if you do. I promise.

The Chainsmokers Live at the Borgata- July 5, 2015

So Chewb and I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing The Chainsmokers on July 5th as a part of the Mania Festival at the Borgata’s outdoor venue. The festival itself was a brutal disappointment. I understand that the day after the 4th of July isn’t exactly the most active day of the year (I was very hungover for this show) but at the same time having 200 people seeing The Chainsmokers seems a little insane to me. But I didn’t care at all, I was 20 feet away from my favorite producers doing their damn thing on stage.

IMG_3073 IMG_3069



I enjoyed every second of their 90 minute set, especially the opener, Roses (see my other post for the full song). You can just tell these two guys love what they do and bring serious energy no matter if there’s 200 people or 200,000. Drew Taggart even did a couple Belvedere shots with some lucky bastards in the very front of the crowd


They even brought a girl on stage because she had bought them each a shot of fireball (the best drink ever created on God’s green earth.) On top of all their great remixes and originals, they ended their set with 2 brand new songs that haven’t been released yet, another song with Tiesto (GOAT) that hasn’t been released either, and an awesome remix of Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again.” They all bump obviously.

All in all it didn’t matter that there wasn’t a crowd there or not, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart put on a hell of a show and if you were there you couldn’t help but start dancing. I highly recommend seeing these guys if you get the chance, I know this isn’t the last time I see them.

Last but not least, I don’t know who the hell this guy is, but I need more of him in my life. I’m all in on this jabroni. Any guy surrounded by four half naked girls is A-Ok in my book (also shout out to the dude in the Dr. J jersey)


Here’s a couple more songs by them to get you through the day. Enjoy