Sunday RnR: Slash – Live at the Roxy 9.25.14


Good Sunday to all, my friends. This is an absolutely crazy week for me (I have a film premiering tonight and have to prep the rest of the show), so I don’t have much time for get you guys something. But music is important, so I’m here sharing just what I happened to be listening to at the time of writing. As to why I’m listening to Slash’s latest live album, a show from about a week after the release of his last solo record World On Fire, well there is also a film version that I wanted to see first. I was having trouble finding it the other day, and just decided I would listen regardless. With an expanding catalog of his own, Slash plays a few less of the Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver hits in this show than others, even with Myles Kennedy’s outstanding performances on the Guns N’ Roses songs (check out the vocals on “Rocket Queen”). Anyway, that’s all I got. Hope I see you next week.



Happy Birthday, Slash


Today, we wish a happy birthday to the one and only Slash. Slash has been a part of several huge music groups, though most know him from Guns N’ Roses, who he is currently touring with on their reunion tour featuring original members Axl Rose and Duff McKagan. I got to see Guns N’ Roses play on Tuesday and it was an amazing show. I featured Slash a while back on Sunday RnR (which you can find here), so there is already a Slash based playlist to listen to. Today, I put one of Slash’s signature licks on this post, the Godfather Solo. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday, Slash.


Sunday RnR: Slash


Another week of music news and Guns N’ Roses is still the biggest story in the rock world. They’ve confirmed a tour and shown us the cities they’ll be at, but that’s all the information there is right now.

Since we’ve already done an RnR for Guns N’ Roses, and I don’t wanna recycle just yet, I’m gonna share other fine jams from legendary axe man, Slash. Slash has been a member of far to many star studded bands to even imagine. Slash’s Snakepit and Velvet Revolver both have a good number of great sounds, but in all honesty, I prefer Slash’s “solo” project to them all, Guns N’ Roses included. Slash started his solo project with his self titled album that feature many guest musicians throughout the music industry before teaming up with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators for their next 2 albums under the title of Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, a super original and inventive band name. Both Apocalyptic Love and World on Fire are incredible albums, Myles Kennedy has an amazing voice and it fits in so well with Slash’s signature style. Honestly, the worst part of the Guns N’ Roses reunion is that it means it may be a while until we get more out of Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

Here is a playlist of songs from all of the Slash related projects I talked about. Dude’s the bomb. I mean, seriously, look at this.slash

That’s from a super for real music video for “Estranged” where Slash literally rises out of the ocean ripping a sick nasty solo and it’s one of my favorite things that ever happened. Gotta love Slash.