Timmy Turner (Remix)- Kanye West


One of the more surprising things to happen to me this summer was thoroughly enjoying Desiigner’s “Timmy Turner.”  The first time I listened to it, I hated it.  Complete garbage.  Then I started hearing bits and pieces of it everywhere so I went and listened again. The song is a jam and here’s why.  The melody and hook are catchy as hell.  I had a solid two week period where I couldn’t walking around signing or humming it, even if I didn’t really have a clue what the hell he is saying.  The next reason is the level of production.  Mike Dean absolutely crushed it.  There are so many levels to this instrumental that I can barely fathom it.  But it’s seriously dope.  This re-work featuring Kanye is just as good.  It’s similar to the original while at the same time being drastically different to fit Kanye’s style.  I like it and I hope you do to.  Peace out.

G Baby


10 (More) Remixes You Need In Your Life

A while back, I made a list of some remixes I felt were worth checking out. The great thing about music is that remixes happen so often, I have plenty more where that came from. So here are 10 more remixes you should check out.

  • Classic Man (Remix)- Jidenna (ft Kendrick Lamar)

If you were alive last year, you remember this song. It was everywhere and played all the time. It’s a good song that Kendrick Lamar makes even better with a couple fire verses.

  • About The Money (Remix)- T.I. (ft Jeezy, Young Thug, Lil Wayne)

This song is that hot trap music from the ATL legend T.I. It isn’t the heavy bass trap music you are thinking of though. The beat is more sophisticated and laid back in a sense, but still very dope. I like this version better than the original.

  • Don’t Wait (Remix)- Mapei (ft Chance The Rapper)

It is no secret that the writers of this site love Chance. However, I’m not sure if the other guys have heard this absolute gem. The original is a really chill song and Chance adds a verse that is straight poetic beauty. Definitely worth a listen and will be stuck in your head in no time.

  • TKO (Black Friday Remix)- Justin Timberlake (ft J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T)

Justin Timberlake is the man. I have made my affection for him no secret. But this song is more about the three rappers who take a re-worked TKO beat and rip it to pieces. All three artists deliver great verses with different flows to create one memorable remix.

  • All Gold Everything (Remix)- Trinidad James (ft T.I., Jeezy, 2 Chainz)

Remember a few years ago when Trinidad James, for reasons I still do not understand, was hot? Since the original version of this song dropped, James has been on a steady decline to irrelevancy. It might be because it is infinitely better than the original but this remix is awesome. 2 Chainz verse makes me laugh.

  • One Blood (Mega-Remix)- Game (ft 24 Artists)

Yes, this is a long song and many of you are not capable of keeping interest for 12 minutes but this is one of the most well known remixes in hip-hop history. It features 24 artists, including Nas, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Jadakiss, and so the list goes. A ton of huge names on a huge remix makes for a worthwhile listen.

  • She Don’t Put It Down Like You (Remix)- Joe Budden (ft Fabolous, Twista, Turk)

A fun song with a few great rappers and a hook from the impressive Turk makes this remix one you’ll enjoy. I remember this snuck onto a few pregame playlists of ours back in the day.

  • Deuces (Remix)- Chris Brown (ft Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Andre 3000)

Look at the artists featured on this remix. That is reason enough to press play. You will not be disappointed. Side note: Fab is getting a lot of features on this list. Not intentional, he’s just that good.

  • Get By (Remix)- Talib Kweli (ft Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mos Def, Busta Rhymes)

You’ve probably heard the original before. But this remix over the Kanye produced beat is unreal. Jay, Ye, Talib, Busta Rhymes and Mos Def all come through and do their thing. You have to listen to this.

  • Made You Look (Remix)- Nas (ft Jadakiss, Ludacris)

Three legends, one remix, it doesn’t get much better than this. Just listen to it because I don’t really have words to describe how great this is.

G Baby

Late Night With DJ Chewy

So this is going to become an installment on ABAD, late night with yours truly. Gonna give you all 4 songs… 1 Chill, 1 Turnip, 1 Delicious and 1 Old. Deal with it puds


As far as opening lines go this track by Zea & The Copper Children is top 5. Very smooth song to get you ready for bed time children.


Marshmello is taking the turnip house game by storm. The guy dropped his album “Joytime” a couple days ago and this track is a party starter. If you’re a lonely guy put this song on and 3 Tri Delts will appear at your door. Its like the movie Field of Dreams except this time “if you play it pud will come”. Try it out and let me know if it works


Danny Brown has that indescribable feature that makes him enjoyable to listen to. His voice is one for the ages and this song is a straight up delicious meal for the ears


If you don’t like queen you’re probably a New England Patriots fan. Fat Bottom Girls take me home tonight



Hello – Adele (Laibert Remix)

Adele has had the whole world bumping to Hello and her album 25 for the past month or so and no one is getting over it. On top of that, we get a fresh take on the popular song from Laibert, who remixed this song to perfection. This is everything that I could ask for in a remix to this song and more. Hope y’all like it as much as I do.


Say Something – Karen Harding (Zac Samuel Remix)

Anyone Studying? Use the power of this song to get that 3.0 that we all strive for.

Let’s go over the essentials for a song posted:

Perfect Vocals √

Dope Ass Beat √

Frat? √

This song has all of the components of being a banger/study song/pregame jam/bumpin car ride tune. Zac Samuel did work with this remix and deserves a Grammy for Album of the Year and the entire album is just this song. Enjoy peoples

The Weeknd- The Hills (Remix) (ft Eminem)

You read that correctly.  Eminem, arguably the biggest name in hip-hop, hopped on the remix of The Weeknd’s smash hit from this summer.  I love both these artists so a collab is pretty much a dream come true.  It does not disappoint.  All The Weeknd’s parts are the same as the original while Em adds two verses to the track.  Em’s verses are very different from what he has been releasing lately.  I am a fan of the song and can only hope you feel the same way.

All Of The People – Panama Wedding

This is not your ordinary Tuesday. Normal Tuesday’s entail a blog about a fire city tune but this Tuesday I give you 3 fire city tunes… I feel like most of our readers can handle this major change but for the new readers our there my advice is to stay calm and enjoy the music. All three tracks come from the original song “All of the People” by Panama Wedding. The original track is at the top and my favorite remixes are below. I love the original so much but when I listen to the remixes I love them as well, its like when you buy a pizza but then you buy a burger but after that you buy nachos and you’re still hungry. This track has unlimited potential for remixes because the original is so basic but so well done. The drum track that starts the tune is borderline illegal and the vocals that loop are the cherry on top of a delicious song.

I cant decide if this is my favorite remix or the one below this is because they both have so much to offer. So imma let you guys decide which one is better.

Happy Tuesday


Business – Eminem (Matoma Remix)

This jam is brought to you by Matoma who I am sure all of you know by now because of his remix to “Old Thing Back”. He specializes is remixing classic rap songs and I hope he continues with this style. This song brings me back to being a white kid in middle school and the tropical remix adds such a great twist to Eminem’s flow. Enjoy on this glorious Saturday

Firestone – Kygo feat. Conrad (Alec Jachwak Remix)

We have some local talent showcased today. This remix is by Alec Jachwak who is from Philly and went to Pitt so he knows how to live life. This is a cool remix because it gives the song a quick 180 from chill to a house party feel which I love. Gotta love a producer who mixes a Kygo song into a pumped up house tune, it keeps us youngsters on our toes.

Alec also has an original mix called “Waiting” and it is really well done in my opinion. It has the tropical house feel to it, that feel where you can sit back and just listen and move that dome piece of yours back and forth. Check it out:

Use this music to inspire yourself in tonights adventures. Enjoy.