The Review (7/23-7/29)

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Look good, feel good, listen to good music. The end of summer is approaching and the jams just keep coming. What did this past week have to offer you ask…

Dancehall-inspired R&B continues to dominate Summer 16

Dancehall has been around for a while but it has reached more mainstream heights this summer with Drake’s hits “Controlla” and “One Dance.” If you’re a fan of either of those two songs, then you’ll be sure to enjoy Verse Simmonds’ “In My Feelings.” This song has a perfect, laid-back island vibe to just throw on and chill to.

Vibe out to Consequence’s new jam

“Ask Somebody” features a very well known sample that most will immediately recognize from Jay Z’s “Ain’t No Nigga.” The song has a funky vibe and features a verse from Tony Yayo and a hook from my boy Ty Dolla $ign.

The official soundtrack for “The Land” is here and loaded with talent

“The Land” hits theaters today and the soundtrack for it is out too. Executively produced by Nas, the movie follows a group of young inner city kids who find some drugs and decide what to do. It’s essentially a “Dope” knock-off but maybe it’ll be good (“Dope” was an excellent movie if you haven’t seen it yet). But the soundtrack has three can’t miss songs: “This Bitter Land” (Nas and Erykah Badu), “Paid” (Pusha T and Jeremih), and “Figure It Out” (which features French Montana, Nas, and Kanye and was released a while ago but still worth noting in case you missed it).

JoJo teams up with Wiz Khalifa for lead single “Fuck Apologies”

Get your pop fix this week with JoJo’s new single. We all hate to admit it but pop music can be addictive. I’ll say it, I’m feeling this song. And much like the message of the song, I’m not apologizing for shit.

This week is full of summer vibes and this song keeps the theme going strong

Mac Miller revealed his plans to drop a new album in September and also dropped off this awesome new song featuring my favorite new artist Anderson .Paak. Mac’s music has evolved with every new project and you can really feel the influence moving to Cali has had on him in this song especially.

New Chainsmokers is fire

“Closer” is the newest dope song from The Chainsmokers that is sure to light up playlists everywhere. I know my fellow writers lose their shit when a new Chainsmokers song comes out and I gotta say, I enjoy them as well. You’re not human if you don’t enjoy this song.

DJ Khaled’s new album “Major Key” is finally here

I won’t be able to post a link to the album since it is only available on Apple Music right now but it’ll be on Spotify in a few weeks. For now, go buy it or find it online like I know you are all capable of. About the album itself, it is great. Much, much better than his last album. I really don’t have any complaints about this album and find every song enjoyable. Much worth the wait and I’d say it lived up to the hype.

Some other notable releases include: Game dropping another album called “Block Wars” to go along with his new mobile game and Nipsey Hussle’s newest Marathon Monday song is called “I Don’t Stress.” That’s it. See you next week people. Thanks for reading/listening.

G Baby


The Review (7/9-7/15)


In honor of Blink-182 debuting at Number 1 on the Billboard charts this past week, here’s me getting my inner Travis Barker on. Let’s delve into this past week of hip-hop music.

Ace Hood delivers “Starvation V” mixtape

After months of leaked songs and going anticipation, the day finally arrived for Ace Hood’s fifth installment in the Starvation mixtape series to drop. Much like the previous 4, this did not disappoint. Ace always brings an aggression and passion that is unmatched by most, as he raps about varying topics from getting money to social injustices, while always keeping it real in his rhymes.

Ty Dolla $ign gives fans lead single “Campaign” featuring Future (and one more)

Ty Dolla has been one of my favorite artists recently. His voice is incredible and he usually teams up with some great collaborators and producers. “Campaign” is the first song off his upcoming mixtape, also called “Campaign.” He also dropped “No Justice,” which is a much more sobering song.

Sia creates “Unstoppable” remix featuring Pusha T

The Olympics are around the corner and we are starting to get some new music being made for it. Gillette has a new add featuring this song that is pretty dope. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it a lot and hearing bits of this song as you cheer on America to whoop the rest of the world’s ass like we always do this August.

DJ Drama leaves “Boyz In The Hood” off album but releases it anyway

This song is seriously dope. Meek Mill delivers two great verses and Pusha T finishes it off like only he can. DJ Drama left the song off the album due to Meek’s legal issues but thankfully for us, he decided to let the world hear it. The album, “Quality Street Music 2” drops next week.

Kehlani is feeling “CRZY” this week

It’s been one hell of a year for Kehlani, but it seems she has put some of the past behind her and is refocused on making music. “CRZY” is the second song she’s put out since her suicide attempt and it’s another decent song that is nothing special, but still worth a listen.

Bas recuits Ab-Soul for the “Housewives” remix

Two dope, underrated emcees in Bas and Ab-Soul combine here to give fans a nice remix to Bas’s “Housewives” off his debut album “Too High To Riot.” Ab-Soul has been pretty quiet over the past year but his album is supposedly done and being mastered, so we could get that by the end of the year…hopefully.

Tory Lanez goes in on “August 19th”

Jahlil Beats cooked up a triumphant beat for Lanez and he decided to spit some braggadocios bars over it. The result is fire.

Bonus news: Migos dropped a 5 song EP entitled “3 Way,” Juicy J released a mixtape called “Lit in Ceylon,” PnB Rock teamed up with Fetty Wap for a joint mixtape, Joe Budden put out a freestyle over Beyonce’s “Freedom” instrumental that shares his thoughts about everything going on in America right now, XXL Freshman 21 Savage and super producer Metro Boomin teamed up on the new 9 song EP “Savage Mode,” and Tinashe put out a new up-beat and extremely poppy sounding single “Superlove.”

That’s it folks, see you next week.

G Baby

The Review (5/28-6/3)


This week’s music will have you cheesin’ heavier than me in the above pic. So many HUGE releases, let’s get right into it:

Nipsey Hussle continues to release new music

Nipsey Hussle dropped another dope track this week, this time featuring one extended verse to begin and a hook courtesy of Buddy to end the track. The beat to this one is fire, as is usual with Nipsey’s music.

De La Soul drops off their lead single

De La Soul burst onto the hip-hop scene in the late 80s with “3 Feet High and Rising,” an album that is widely considered as one of the top 100 albums in hip-hop history. Since then, the group has been consistently putting out music every few years and has received much praise from critics despite somewhat low sales. “Pain” serves as the lead single off their upcoming ninth studio album “and the Anonymous Nobody.” The song is funky and soulful and features a guest verse from Snoop Dogg. What’s not to love about that?

Hopsin releases “Die This Way”

Hopsin has always been an underrated artist in my mind. His flows are usually impressive and he keeps it real in his music. On this one, he delves into his inner struggle between masking his unhappiness or embracing it. Which will he choose? Listen to find out.

I actually kind of like this song

I’ve said on this site before that I don’t really like Young Thug. I don’t understand why people go ape shit for his music. But even I have to admit, sometimes his unique approach to music is worth a listen. “Gangster Shit” is one of those times. This is a song to get hype to.

Pusha T and Jay Z team up on “Drug Dealers Anonymous”

How fitting that a song about dope is, in fact, dope. Pusha T is king of the drug dealer rap but we all know Jay Z is no stranger to this lifestyle. They both give excellent verses over a minimal but haunting beat. This song serves as Pusha’s lead single off his upcoming album “King Push.”

New RiRi on Mike Will Made It’s “Nothing is Promised”

Producer Mike Will Made It has a new album coming out soon and decided to give fans the first single off that today in the form of the Rihanna track called “Nothing is Promised.” Rihanna channels her inner bad bitch to create what will likely be a club favorite soon enough.

Vic Mensa delivers new EP

Chicago artist Vic Mensa decided to release a 7 song EP this week seemingly out of nowhere. He’s been putting out songs fairly consistently this year but nothing that seemed official. Well, we now have this EP with mostly unreleased music to enjoy.

Get brazy to this new track from YG

YG has done it again. The West Coast native has dropped off another banger today entitled “Still Brazy.” Catch a vibe and dance along to this hella dope track.

These new tracks keep coming with “Pick Up The Phone”

Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Quavo come together to create another big time song this week. Unfortunately, Travis Scott’s label is giving him a hard time about the release of this song so you may not be able to hear it on our site, but use your creative internet searching skills and go check this one out.

You think I’m done? Brace yourselves…

That’s right. All these guys have released new music this week and we can include Kanye on the list. This is the radio rip of the huge posse-cut that is the first song released from the long-rumored, now confirmed “Cruel Winter.” The song title is still not confirmed, but Big Boy suggested it should be called “Champions” or “Round and Round” after it premiered so we’ll go with that. The song features Kanye, Desiigner, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Gucci Mane, Quavo, Yo Gotti, and 2 Chainz. That’s big time.

Just when you think the review comes to an end, there’s still another one

Bruh, this song is so fucking good. This serves as the first single off DJ Khaled’s upcoming album “Major Key.” The beat is smooth af. Drake and Khaled team up to do what they do best, make summer hits. I’ll be jamming to this for the foreseeable future. Bless up.

That’s about it. Pretty awesome week for hip-hop. Chris Webby and Smoke DZA also released mixtapes if you want to check those out. That’ll do it for me. Peace.

G Baby

10 (More) Remixes You Need In Your Life

A while back, I made a list of some remixes I felt were worth checking out. The great thing about music is that remixes happen so often, I have plenty more where that came from. So here are 10 more remixes you should check out.

  • Classic Man (Remix)- Jidenna (ft Kendrick Lamar)

If you were alive last year, you remember this song. It was everywhere and played all the time. It’s a good song that Kendrick Lamar makes even better with a couple fire verses.

  • About The Money (Remix)- T.I. (ft Jeezy, Young Thug, Lil Wayne)

This song is that hot trap music from the ATL legend T.I. It isn’t the heavy bass trap music you are thinking of though. The beat is more sophisticated and laid back in a sense, but still very dope. I like this version better than the original.

  • Don’t Wait (Remix)- Mapei (ft Chance The Rapper)

It is no secret that the writers of this site love Chance. However, I’m not sure if the other guys have heard this absolute gem. The original is a really chill song and Chance adds a verse that is straight poetic beauty. Definitely worth a listen and will be stuck in your head in no time.

  • TKO (Black Friday Remix)- Justin Timberlake (ft J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T)

Justin Timberlake is the man. I have made my affection for him no secret. But this song is more about the three rappers who take a re-worked TKO beat and rip it to pieces. All three artists deliver great verses with different flows to create one memorable remix.

  • All Gold Everything (Remix)- Trinidad James (ft T.I., Jeezy, 2 Chainz)

Remember a few years ago when Trinidad James, for reasons I still do not understand, was hot? Since the original version of this song dropped, James has been on a steady decline to irrelevancy. It might be because it is infinitely better than the original but this remix is awesome. 2 Chainz verse makes me laugh.

  • One Blood (Mega-Remix)- Game (ft 24 Artists)

Yes, this is a long song and many of you are not capable of keeping interest for 12 minutes but this is one of the most well known remixes in hip-hop history. It features 24 artists, including Nas, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Jadakiss, and so the list goes. A ton of huge names on a huge remix makes for a worthwhile listen.

  • She Don’t Put It Down Like You (Remix)- Joe Budden (ft Fabolous, Twista, Turk)

A fun song with a few great rappers and a hook from the impressive Turk makes this remix one you’ll enjoy. I remember this snuck onto a few pregame playlists of ours back in the day.

  • Deuces (Remix)- Chris Brown (ft Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Andre 3000)

Look at the artists featured on this remix. That is reason enough to press play. You will not be disappointed. Side note: Fab is getting a lot of features on this list. Not intentional, he’s just that good.

  • Get By (Remix)- Talib Kweli (ft Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mos Def, Busta Rhymes)

You’ve probably heard the original before. But this remix over the Kanye produced beat is unreal. Jay, Ye, Talib, Busta Rhymes and Mos Def all come through and do their thing. You have to listen to this.

  • Made You Look (Remix)- Nas (ft Jadakiss, Ludacris)

Three legends, one remix, it doesn’t get much better than this. Just listen to it because I don’t really have words to describe how great this is.

G Baby

Pusha T- M.P.A.

I don’t know exactly how long this video will stay up on YouTube but just get Spotify already. There’s a free version and it’s damn near 2016.

Anyway, Pusha T dropped a new album today that is very good. The production level on these beats are phenomenal. This is very evident in the song I chose to post, “M.P.A.” Produced by J Cole and Kanye West, this beat is awesome. A classic Kanye beat that brings me back to his MBDTF days. Carried by the piano with the guitar accenting it in such a way, this beat is pure musical ecstasy. When the tracklist came out for the album, entitled “King Push- Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude,” this song is listed as featuring A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, and The-Dream, so the hype was unreal. Unfortunately, The-Dream only has a small intro and A$AP and Kanye both lend their voices for the chorus. Nonetheless, this song is still most dope. Check out the entire 10 song album in stores and online now!


G Baby

#TBT Christian Dior Denim Flow- Kanye West (ft Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks, Ryan Leslie)

This one is for my boy Thomas Miles.  I introduced this song to him a few years ago and he fell in love and it has been a mainstay on most of our pregame playlists since.  He texted me this week asking why it hasn’t been posted on this site yet. I couldn’t think of an acceptable reason and guaranteed it would be featured in this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday.  The lesson from this post is that we here at A Beat A Day listen to our fans.  You ask and you shall receive.

Anyway, about the song.  It is absolute flames.  This was one of the songs Kanye released during his GOOD Fridays promotion in 2010 when he was promoting for MBDTF.  You got Kanye, Cudi, Leslie, AND John freakin Legend singing a soulful hook.  Off to a great start.  Then you get 5 great verses from Kanye, Pusha T, Ryan Leslie, Lloyd Banks, and Cudi.  I think it’s safe to say Banks and Cudi stole the show.  Banks gets slept on as an artist but he is extremely dope and has been for 10+ years now (and had the best verse on the song).  And Cudi’s outro vintage Cudi.  It blows me away.  This song is amazing and there isn’t much more to say about it.