‘Neverland’ by Tommy Girl & Nikola

Mysterious, trippy, intriguing, apocalyptic??

A lot of thoughts come to mind when hearing this song, and I always enjoy songs that make me think.

Synthy piano rifts with cinematic, explosive yet subtle background sounds and bumpin’ bass make for a stellar production by Nikola @sincerelynikola

Tommy Girl matches her tone and energy perfectly with the sound put out in this track.

I’ve never been to Neverland, but no one is truly in control, so why not?

– zimmertime


‘Wildfire Romance’ by PM Mirror

First things first, ‘Wildfire Romance’ is a radio hit. It’s just one of those iconic songs that when you hear it for the first time, you know it is special. How can we get PM Mirror on the radio?! is what I keep asking myself!

WildFire Romance

Beauty, passion, emotion is exactly what you will hear in Wildfire Romance. The range PM Mirror puts on display is incredible. His voice is something else straight up! The piano, pop beats, and production value is unparalleled as well.

Make your ears happy and go listen to more PM Mirror at http://www.thepmmirror.com/home.html or go follow him on Spotify and Instagram @pmmirror !

– Zimmertime

Epilogue –

For some time now, I have been attending local Pittsburgh shows, following local artists, and plugging all types of talented Pittsburgh musicians through word of mouth, social media, and now A Beat A Day, so when my friend Annelise responded to one of my Instagram stories telling me I needed to listen to PM Mirror, I immediately did. Shout out Annelise because PM Mirror’s content is extraordinary. This type of music sharing and local support is what I live for. Collaboration, Supporting Others, and Community will bring Pittsburgh to the recognition of music it deserves. One Day At A Time. A Beat A Day.

#TBT SOS- Rihanna

Throwback Thursday is that special time of the week when we are reminded of the good ol’ times and the music that carried us through them. Well this song certainly did that in 2006. Rihanna burst onto the scene a year earlier with “Pon De Replay” but this song is her best one in my opinion. She killed it, beat is fire, and most importantly, it gets the people going. Sing along with all your friends this week at all your after Christmas parties. This is guaranteed to liven things up.

G Baby

50 Shades of Pop- DJ Earworm

It’s that time of year again when everyone and their mother makes an “end of the year” list. Whether it is best movies, songs, albums, or whatever, they provide hours of entertainment and interesting perspectives on everything that came out in the past year. I am planning on making a list in the upcoming weeks of my favorite albums from 2015 and I’m assuming many of my fellow writers will be doing something similar so I figured I’d kick the festivities off with this song.

For those who have not heard, DJ Earworm makes a mash-up of the year’s most popular songs at the end of every year. This year’s mash-up, titled “50 Shades of Pop,” blends the music that ran the airwaves this past year into one awesome song. This year features a lot of T Swift, The Weeknd, and all the other hits we know and love. Great stuff.


G Baby

Panama- Jungle

Panama are an electro-pop duo (fun fact: the country was named after them) hailing from the land down under. They burst onto the scene in 2014 with the release of their Always EP and have been busy touring Europe ever since. They recently released their new single “Jungle” and I think you should take a listen. It’s a pop song seasoned with more oomph than your run of the mill US pop song. Armed with a catchy chorus and synth heavy beat, this song is both fun and emotional. Take a listen and if you like this song you will love my favorite song of their EP, “Always: