All Of The People – Panama Wedding

This is not your ordinary Tuesday. Normal Tuesday’s entail a blog about a fire city tune but this Tuesday I give you 3 fire city tunes… I feel like most of our readers can handle this major change but for the new readers our there my advice is to stay calm and enjoy the music. All three tracks come from the original song “All of the People” by Panama Wedding. The original track is at the top and my favorite remixes are below. I love the original so much but when I listen to the remixes I love them as well, its like when you buy a pizza but then you buy a burger but after that you buy nachos and you’re still hungry. This track has unlimited potential for remixes because the original is so basic but so well done. The drum track that starts the tune is borderline illegal and the vocals that loop are the cherry on top of a delicious song.

I cant decide if this is my favorite remix or the one below this is because they both have so much to offer. So imma let you guys decide which one is better.

Happy Tuesday