Hello – Adele

Adele is back…

The queen of heartbreak is back and ready to go! If you think you were done with your ex, go ahead and listen to this song…

Adele gave us all a scare when she stopped performing a little while ago because of some medical issues but she’s back and her vocals on this track are a dream. After you are done crying from the original check out this tropical house remix and get happy again:


Nothing Left- Kygo (Jenaux Remix)

This new remix of Kygo’s “Nothing Left” came across my Soundcloud feed this weekend and I’m very glad that it did. I like this Jenaux because it doesn’t change the original song too much. He just speeds it up a little bit and puts drums in the background. So simple yet so effective when it’s done the right way. Here’s the original version for you to compare….

They’re both good versions in their own way. But as usual, if you have awesome vocals you can put any music behind it and it can sound good. The vocalist is Will Heard and I really like what he did with Kygo on this track. Hopefully this song can make your Monday a little bit better.

Captain Claude Update: He’s still good at hockey

The Chainsmokers- New York City

The Chainsmokers are back with their newest single “New York City” and closes out their Bouquet EP that’s on Spotify now…

The rest of the songs have been released before, and most have appeared on this site so they should sound familiar. It starts off slow with just the vocals, piano, and strings in the background. I don’t know who the singer is, but whoever she is I think her voice is pretty above average. I like the verses way more than the drop in this song (that’s a hot take, I’ve only listened twice so that might change) but I like that they are trying different things with their music. There isn’t a song on the EP that really sounds the same as another. Every song by these guys will be blogged regardless of my liking it or not. Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend. And for those who didn’t see the Flyers Bruins game Wednesday night….here’s Captain Claude’s rocket in OT to give the Flyers the win

Top shelf…right where Momma hides the cookies. That gave me chills

Won’t Look Back – Duke Dumont

I bet you a dollar Monday’s wouldn’t be so bad if we had a music site where we could go and listen to music like this and forget all of the money we lost at the casino this weekend @joeykangaroo. But no such site exists… oh well. Enjoy the music and sarcasm above.

Duke Dumont has been killing the game recently with the smash hit “Ocean Drive” providing smooth bass lines to all those sorority girls who like to party hardy!!!!!!!

I first head The Duke in Ireland when I went out with local Irish college students one night. I fell in love with his simple but catchy hooks especially the song “The Giver” 

I hope Duke Dumont continues with his smooth ways with upcoming music and I hope it comes out immediately. Enjoy

Us – Kaskade, CID

Kaskade just came out with another fire album. This one is called “Automatic” and every track on it is killer in my opinion. I love when Kaskade breaks down a song with dreamy female vocals and percussion and then builds it back up with synths and instrumentals.

This song is my favorite off of the album for a couple of reasons. The first time I listened to it I had no idea the drop was going to happen in that fashion. I was caught off guard like that one white girl in the club who just discovered what a drop is in house music.

tumblr_n01he1ylYE1qz581wo1_400Also the first couple of chords in the song reminded me of “Some Chords” by Deadmau5 and that gave me some chills right away.

Overall the song, just like the entire album, bumps in a chill way which Kaskade has perfected in his extensive career. Here is the rest of the album, Enjoy:

KYLE- Remember Me? (ft Chance The Rapper)

Anything the Savemoney crew touches right now is money.  Chance The Rapper is one of the brightest young talents in hip hop today.  Vic Mensa is blowing up quick, getting co signs from the like of Kanye West.  Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment dropped the very excellent album “Surf” for free on iTunes (which was downloaded over 618,000 times in its first week, along with over 10 million individual song downloads).  Now it is KYLE’s turn.

I first heard KYLE on the track “Wanna Be Cool” off of “Surf.”  He has an excellent verse so I decided to check out his music and was not disappointed.  This new track is a soulful ballad of KYLE pondering about a girl remembering him.  Chance sings a beautiful hook for the song and KYLE delivers two verses filled with emotion.  KYLE’s album “Smyle,” which features this song, drops October 2nd.

Isaiah Rashad- Nelly

If you aren’t familiar with Isaiah Rashad yet, you need to get familiar.  He is part of the TDE label with Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, and SZA.  His music is drastically different from his label mates but equally as good. He released his debut project, titled “Cilvia Demo,” nearly two years ago and it is extremely good.  Since then, he has not put out much new music but the wait is finally over.

The song “Nelly” is a very soothing tune that I find very easy to relax to.  Isaiah compares his love life to Nelly’s career in the song.  Isaiah is trying to find “the one” but is struggling to do so despite gaining popularity just as Nelly has sold tens of millions of records in his career but has had few number 1 hits.  It is an exceptionally creative metaphor, which can be expected from such a talented artist.

Look forward to more from Rashad in the future as his new album is supposedly done and turned in, ready for release.  For a little more of a taste of his music, I’ve attached another one of his better songs, “Heavenly Father,” below.


This post is for fellow writer Amin on his glorious 20th birthday. Lets go to the bars tonight buddy…


On a nicer, less sarcastic note, this song absolutely bumps. Its perfect for our loveable Tom Haverford lookalike on his 20th birthday. It has those perfect female vocals and about halfway through the song picks up into a jammin groove. I can see Amin now in his man cave of a room bumping to this song as he plays fifa while everyone is at the bar tonight.

Happy Birthday buddy! I hope you like the song and I hope you get everything you want from Santa!

Vice City- Jay Rock (ft Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q)

Let’s get right to it, this song is nuts.  All these artists are great not their own, but when they come together to form the power group Black Hippy, magic happens.  This song appears on Jay Rock’s new album “90059,” and is definitely one of the stand out tracks.  All four emcees use a unique and new flow for their verses that may be weird at first, but definitely grows on the listener with more listens.  I’ll be honest, the first time I listened to the song, I thought it was good but was kind of disappointed.  I was wrong.  I’ll say this again, this song is nuts.  The beat is laid back; perfect for each rapper to speak his piece over it.  Each guy kills his verse, as they all rap about Los Angeles (aka Vice City) and all the personal vices each has.  For the record, ScHoolboy Q has the best verse on the song in my opinion.

Also, the video is really, really cool.

Firestone – Kygo feat. Conrad (Alec Jachwak Remix)

We have some local talent showcased today. This remix is by Alec Jachwak who is from Philly and went to Pitt so he knows how to live life. This is a cool remix because it gives the song a quick 180 from chill to a house party feel which I love. Gotta love a producer who mixes a Kygo song into a pumped up house tune, it keeps us youngsters on our toes.

Alec also has an original mix called “Waiting” and it is really well done in my opinion. It has the tropical house feel to it, that feel where you can sit back and just listen and move that dome piece of yours back and forth. Check it out:

Use this music to inspire yourself in tonights adventures. Enjoy.