Starboy- The Weeknd


Thursdays aren’t always just about the throwbacks.  Some great news hit the web today as The Weeknd not only dropped off a new single featuring Daft Punk, but he also announced the release date for his upcoming album “Starboy.” The album arrives November 25th, so there’s still a ways to go but you can enjoy the lead single everywhere now!  I’m feeling it a lot, especially the more I listen to it.

G Baby


The Sun’s Tirade- Isaiah Rashad


Hi again boys and girls. Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedule, you won’t be seeing me post all that often anymore but I’m still gunna try and give you the goods as much as I can.  One album I can not pass up sharing is Isaiah Rashad’s new album “The Sun’s Tirade.” Rashad is signed to TDE and is probably the most underrated on the roster, simply because he hasn’t put out all that much music.  But when he does, the music is fantastic.  His “Cilvia Demo” was one of the better projects to come out in 2014 and this new album is certainly worth the long wait it has been since then.  Rashad has a unique voice and raps over these laid back beats to create a unique style that is so easy to listen and vibe to.  I’m currently listening through for the first time and I’m loving it.  “Wat’s Wrong” featuring Kendrick is unsurprisingly a stand out track as well as “Tity and Dolla.”  Whether you’re a fan of Rashad or looking to get into a new artist or looking to throw on some music to chill to on this gorgeous day, “The Sun’s Tirade” should be you’re go to.

G Baby