‘Rolling Papers 2’ by Wiz Khalifa

The lyrics Wiz puts out on this track touch so many points about his life, where he’s been in the past, present, and where he’ll be in the future. I hear this unraveling as I listen to Verse 1, 2, and 3 – the past, present, and future.

wiz simple

Like most, I’ve always been a Wiz fan. Even long long ago before I lived in Pittsburgh. But I have to admit that when I saw him at Thrival Festival in 2017 @ Carrie Furnace in Pittsburgh, my eyes were opened to the true talent he is. At this point in my life I had seen some big names in the game like Jay-Z, Kanye, Kendrick to name a few. It was clear since the first song at the show that Wiz had it all – stage presence, rapping, but most pleasantly, a singing voice that was the real deal. It put Wiz over the top for me to know first hand that he could literally do it all, singing included.


The beat in this joint is simple and smooth. The piano adds the right amount of touch and emotion. Wiz brings it home throughout.

Rolling Papers 2 is a motivating song about going through the ups and downs. Wiz speaks to recognizing where one is at in their life. He challenges us to always do our best, make decisions and learn from mistakes, and follow one’s heart when it tells you to make that change.

“When it’s time to make a change, I ain’t gon’ fight it, fight it”

This song as well as the album seemed to go slightly under the radar…or maybe that’s just me? What do you think?

– Zimmertime



#TBT The LOX (ft Lil Kim, DMX)- Money, Power, Respect


I was cruisin’ through the city earlier and this song came on the radio. At that moment, I knew what I was posting for TBT. “Money, Power, Respect” is one of The LOX’s dopest songs. Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch make up the three headed monster that is The LOX. They went on a bit of a hiatus after the release of their album “We Are The Streets” in 2000 but have been back at it the past couple years, releasing a few EP’s and songs and are supposedly prepping a new album for release sometime this year. Good news for any fan of hip-hop, especially late 90s hip-hop. Throw this on today and remember the old days when Diddy and Bad Boy Records were running the game.

G Baby