The Review (7/16-7/22)


Photo shoot fresh, looking like wealth, I’m bout to call the paparazzi on myself. Music time…

French Montana drops “No Shopping” featuring Drake; Joe Budden responds

This song was teased months ago and was one of the reasons Joe Budden started dissing Drake. There’s been much talk about whether Drake was referencing Budden or not but nonetheless, the battle rages on. Moments after this song was released, Budden responded with…

…”Afraid.” Another lyrical attack on the Toronto emcee.

Jeremih releases surprise mixtape “Late Nights: Europe”

While Jeremih was on tour, he recorded songs in several different countries and released them on this newest mixtape, the third installment in the “Late Nights” series.

Fabulous announces “Summertime Shootout 2;” releases new track

Last year, Fab dropped “Summertime Shootout” on Thanksgiving and it was extremely good. Earlier this week, he announced he would be dropping a follow-up the the successful mixtape and dropped “My Shit (Remix)” to go along with the announcement. Hopefully we’ll get the mixtape in the next few weeks.

“FDT 2” straight fire

YG, G-Eazy, and Macklemore just gave Hillary a new campaign anthem. “FDT 2” is an awesome song for so many reasons. I’m not going to get political on you all because, truthfully, I could not care less about politics, but this song is absolutely hilarious and catchy too.

Here’s a nice distraction from whatever you’re doing right now

Khelani continues to put out music this week with her release of “Distraction.” Like the past couple songs, this one is another solid track.

Game and Jeremih comment on the recent tragedies of the world

“Let Me Know” features Game and Jeremih looking deeply into the problems facing the world today. Game has been very active in trying to organize and preach anti-violence in wake of these tragedies that seem to be a weekly occurrence. In addition to that, he continues to make meaningful music.

Lupe Fiasco drops an amazing song

Lupe is back with “Pick up the Phone” and it is a great song. Radio-friendly, but not poppy. Hopefully, this is a sign of more to come from Lupe since he promised 3 albums this year and he hasn’t released 1 yet…and it’s July. Regardless, this song will definitely hold me over for a while.

DJ Drama releases 1st album in 4 years

DJ Drama is most known for hosting the hottest mixtapes but he also dabbles in the album category from time to time. This 10 song offering features many of the game’s best, including Lil Wayne, T.I., Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Gucci Mane has “Everybody Looking” at him

Gucci Mane is out of prison and has wasted no time putting out an album. I’m not really a huge Gucci guy, but this site isn’t just for me. It’s for everyone, so I try to include as much as I can. I’ve listened to most of it and there are definitely some dope songs on here.

New Biebs? Why, not

Ok, so technically it is a Major Lazer song but Bieber is the guy on the vocals for the new jam. He continues to impress me with his growth as an artist. His voice is so impressive and this song will be featured on my party playlist tonight. Vibe out with me.

“A-F-R-O Polo” 

I’ve posted about A-F-R-O a few times on this site because I think he’s unbelievable. His flow, style, voice, rhyming ability, etc. it’s all just mesmerizing. He’s so young and has so much time to grow and improve over the years and it’ll be exciting to watch and see how high he can rise. There really is no ceiling to his talent and this EP is a great “start” to his career.

Alright that’s all I got except Chance The Rapper and Big Sean had a track leak called “Living Single” that is so so so good but it has been taken down on your typical sites so you’ll all have to do some digging to hear that but trust me, it is absolutely worth it. And tonight, DJ Khaled is releasing a new single featuring Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean called “Holy Key” so be on the lookout for that. Apparently Kendrick’s verse is insane. Enjoy your weeks, and I’ll check in on you next Friday.

G Baby


Weekly Hip-Hop/R&B Review (4/2-4/8)


Whatchu know about being a fashion icon? Not as much as me. Check out those striped overalls with the fire apple name tag. Anyway, this site is about music right?

Jarren Benton releases new single off upcoming album

Jarren Benton is a very skilled lyricist and his verse on this song shows it. He absolutely rips this piano-infused, grimy beat. His features, Locksmith and Joyner Lucas, also came to play, delivering two equally dope verses.

Freddy vs Jason is on the way!

Fab and Jada are two of New York’s finest on the mic and they are teaming up to create a collaborative album coming soon. The duo dropped a new song, which is a freestyle over Future’s “Wicked” instrumental, to smooth things over until the album drops.

J Dilla’s posthumous album arrives next week

Legendary producer/rapper J Dilla passed away a little over ten years ago but his music lives on. This new track “Gangsta Boogie” will be featured on the album and features Snoop Dogg and Kokane. Most of the album was recorded around 2002 so expect these “new” tracks to be a welcoming throwback.

The legend Riff Raff drops new HEAT

Riff Raff may be one of the most absurd people to ever walk this earth but the dude is an entertainer. His new track “Carlos Slim” features his hilarious boastful bars and an absolute banger of a beat produced by 808 Mafia. Don’t hate it till you give it a chance.

Havoc and Alchemist are cooking up a new project

This for all the fans of classic hip-hop. Two of the best at what they do will be dropping a new project in late May that is sure to be great. “Maintain (Fuck How You Feel)” is the first track off said project and is a sign of good things to come.

Meek Mill drops “Trap Vibes”

“Trap Vibes” is a freestyle over the “Summer Sixteen” and “Panda” instrumentals. It is typical Meek bragging about himself and the stuff he has and talking shit. Nothing wrong with that, he knows his lane and for the most part stays in it. This is definitely hype.

Chance The Rapper’s brother Taylor releases “Straight From Heaven”

We all know Chance is dope but his brother isn’t bad either. Taylor raps in a very similar style to Chance but adds his unique touch to it.

Dee-1 recruits Lupe and Big K.R.I.T. for this fire remix

This song is hooooooottttttt. The beat is flames and each artist goes in. What more could you ask for?

Legends to legendary things

Black Thought and Styles P team up and give us “Making a Murderer.” Black Thought is one of the best artists of all time and Styles P rarely disappoints. You might need rap genius to catch all the bars on this one.

Chris Brown drops the 2nd remix to “Fuck You Back to Sleep”

The first remix of this song featured Usher and Zayn Malik. This one features August Alsina, Miguel, and Trey Songz…three of the games best R&B artists. This is what sex sounds like in the form of music.

ScHoolboy Q is back at it with “Groovy Tony”

Great news this week as ScHoolboy Q drops the lead single off his upcoming album. It’s just what you expect from Q: hard lyrics, mean delivery, dope song.

Teddy Pain is at it again

With all the new T-Pain I’ve been posting, you’d think it was 2007. It isn’t, at least I don’t think it is, but we are still being blessed with new music from the autotune goat. New album coming soon.

Debut album from Gallant releases

I recently discovered Gallant, just in time to hear his debut album “Ology” and I am excited. This dude’s voice is amazing and he should be one of your favorite R&B artists in no time after giving this a listen.

That’s about it for this week. Drake also had about three songs leak that may or may not be on his upcoming album. I can’t post any of them because of copyright issues but to be honest, none of them were outstanding. “Pop Style” was the best one, which features Kanye West and ONE bar from Jay-Z -____- See you next week with some more new music, including a couple album releases I’ve been patiently waiting for.

G Baby

Weekly Hip-Hop/R&B Review (3/25-4/1)


This week features more rhymes than a Dr. Suess book. Let’s get right into it.

T.I. drops another new song

“Not My Fault” is a chill song that features a soothing hook and a couple verses from T.I. and Verse Simmons.

Ty Dolla $ign and Akon is the collab you need to hear

This song is so dope. Akon kills the hook, as he usually does, and Ty Dolla does his damn thing over this smooth beat. Another super chill song.

Kudi is back to his old self on “The Frequency”

There really isn’t much better than hearing Kid Cudi hum over a beat. It is so soothing to hear. This song features that Man on the Moon style vibe, which is a good sign for any fan of Cudi.

Put on your Sunday best for CeeLo’s new song

CeeLo keeping the smooth theme going hear with another chill song. Love the horns on this track along with the positive message.

Big Sean with a big week

Sean blessed his fan base with this new track “Get My Shit Together” which features Sean’s typical cleverness over a piano-lead beat. In addition, he dropped a joint album with Jhene Aiko entitled “TWENTY88” which you can find online.

Absolute heater from Big K.R.I.T.

Big K.R.I.T. has to be one of the most underrated rappers in the game right now. He is not only a great rapper, he is a great producer as well. “So Bad” is evidence of both.

This remix is good

The original is good enough but add Chris Brown on the chorus and a verse from him and you get gold.

Royce Da 5’9 drops “Trust the Shooter” mixtape


Be careful playing this because it is absolute heat. Royce’s lyrical ability is something special and it is on full display on every track.

dvsn releases new album

I’ve heard a few tracks of this so far and am thoroughly impressed. Dvsn is definitely an artist to watch out for.

Lupe kills the “Panda” beat

Lupe doing what Lupe does. Wordplay for days on this one.

Bryson Tiller + The Weeknd = dream come true

The Weeknd jumps on Bryson Tiller’s “Rambo” and absolutely crushes it. I love the music these two guys put out. Hopefully this is a sign that we will get a collaboration in the future.

Snakehips and Anderson Paak team up for a dope new single

Like I said last week, everything Anderon Paak touches is amazing. This song is no exception. I’ll be jamming to this for the foreseeable future.

Kanye West gives us Saint Pablo

This is fucking great. Kanye can be an asshole, but he makes some pretty damn good music. Long live Saint Pablo.

The world is yours

A$AP Ferg proves he can make music that isn’t a club banger. “The World is Mine” features Big Sean and will be on Ferg’s upcoming album, which looks like it’s going to be very good.

Alright people, that’s just about it. Drake dropped two new tracks this week that I couldn’t post but they were nothing special. That said, Views is approaching so that is exciting. G-Eazy also released a remix of “Order More” featuring Yo Gotti and Lil’ Wayne if that tickles your fancy. That’s all I can think of. Enjoy

G Baby

#TBT Wait For Me- Big Sean (ft Lupe Fiasco)

Though this song isn’t too old, it is certainly old enough to be a throwback. Off of Big Sean’s debut album “Finally Famous,” this song is one of my favorites. I heard it on shuffle the other day and knew I had to post it soon.  I absolutely love this beat. Shit is flyer than Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve. Tell me this beat doesn’t just immediately make you happy. In addition, both artists do their thing on this one. This won’t be my only post today so “wait for me” to post another Christmas song a little later (hahahaha WOW I am so funny).


G Baby

5 Songs That Are Extended Metaphors

Metaphor: a figure of speech that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing for rhetorical effect, thus highlighting the similarities between the two.

Metaphors are very prevalent in hip-hop but only the best and brightest minds in the game can really put together impressive ones. Some can be hard to catch, some can be down right obvious, but hearing a great metaphor in a song is one of my favorite parts about hip-hop. The amount of creativity and thought that goes into a truly great metaphor is impressive and I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones. All these songs are extended metaphors in their entirety. I find these songs so enjoyable and creative and I hope you do to.

50 Cent- A Baltimore Love Thing

50 masterfully writes a love song from the perspective of heroin. Think about that, he wrote an entire song, pretending to be heroin. That’s crazy. Not to mention, it’s an awesome song.

Common- I Used to Love H.E.R.

This might be the most famous example in hip-hop history. The entire song, Common is rhyming about a girl he met at a young age and fell in love with. Then, at the end of the third and final verse, Common reveals that the girl he’s been talking about the whole time is actually hip-hop. This goes down as one of the best hip-hop songs of all time.

Eminem- 25 to Life

As a huge Em fan, this is one of my personal favorites. Much like “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” this song details a relationship with a woman (though this one seems more rocky and unstable). Em raps about devoting his life to this person and getting no respect. The whole time he is talking about hip-hop.

Nas- I Gave You Power

This is one of the metaphors that is known from the beginning, as Nas states he feels like a gun in the intro. And yet still, as you listen to the song, you can easily forget that he’s rapping from the perspective of a gun. Truly impressive work from one of the game’s best ever.

Lupe Fiasco- Gotta Eat

Lupe is no stranger to extended metaphors. The song “Gotta Eat” is one of my personal favorites of his. Dope beat, flow, lyrics, and concept. He likens fast food to being a gangster. Seriously, he raps about fast food but the song is really about gang life. So impressive and just another example of why metaphors are one of the best reasons to listen to this genre.