‘I Just Thought…’ by Linwood

Heavy bass, catchy electric piano repetition alongside eery but intriguing sounds throughout make for today’s beat.


When I’m low key chillin’ this is a go to song. When I want to fly away into my no thought space, I get down to this song. The chorus is easy to ride along with, and provides for a relaxed feel.

Go give this song a listen and give Linwood a follow on Instagram @xxlinwood and on twitter @LinwoodRandolph

And while you’re there peep his latest release ‘Let Me Find Out Freestyle’

“I’m nothing special, I just thought that you might want to fly away”

– zimmertime


Interstate Esc. – Augustan (Prod. XTRAFUNK)

You know when you meet someone and they tell you they are a rapper and you go and check their music out and you vibe to it right away? That happened when I listened to Augustan for the first time, especially this track right here.

Besides being a very nice person who knows whats good with music, he can lay a really solid track down. Augustan is a college kid in Pittsburgh (Point Park) that has opened up for some big names in the past including Chris Webby, so he has been in it before.

Here is the link to his Soundcloud so you can vibe to his stuff as well: