‘Rolling Papers 2’ by Wiz Khalifa

The lyrics Wiz puts out on this track touch so many points about his life, where he’s been in the past, present, and where he’ll be in the future. I hear this unraveling as I listen to Verse 1, 2, and 3 – the past, present, and future.

wiz simple

Like most, I’ve always been a Wiz fan. Even long long ago before I lived in Pittsburgh. But I have to admit that when I saw him at Thrival Festival in 2017 @ Carrie Furnace in Pittsburgh, my eyes were opened to the true talent he is. At this point in my life I had seen some big names in the game like Jay-Z, Kanye, Kendrick to name a few. It was clear since the first song at the show that Wiz had it all – stage presence, rapping, but most pleasantly, a singing voice that was the real deal. It put Wiz over the top for me to know first hand that he could literally do it all, singing included.


The beat in this joint is simple and smooth. The piano adds the right amount of touch and emotion. Wiz brings it home throughout.

Rolling Papers 2 is a motivating song about going through the ups and downs. Wiz speaks to recognizing where one is at in their life. He challenges us to always do our best, make decisions and learn from mistakes, and follow one’s heart when it tells you to make that change.

“When it’s time to make a change, I ain’t gon’ fight it, fight it”

This song as well as the album seemed to go slightly under the radar…or maybe that’s just me? What do you think?

– Zimmertime



Kaskade Live @ 31st Street Studios

I had the pleasure of seeing Kaskade on the 15th of October with fellow writers Chewb and Ben, our newest addition to the fam. None of us had ever been to the venue before so we didn’t know what to expect. We just figured there would be room for people to dance. And we weren’t let down. The entire venue is just an empty warehouse in the Strip District. The exact location is pretty sketchy (under a bridge and behind a bunch of old buildings) but it was surprisingly a great place to see a show, particularly and EDM show where most people are dancing. I would definitely go back again for another show.

I wasn’t kidding….literally just an empty warehouse.

As for the Kaskade show, he was fantastic. He played his entire album except 2 songs I believe, and they all sounded better live. The whole vibe of the show was deep house and Kaskade carried that through his whole set. One song that popped out to me was a mash up of the vocals from Kaskade’s “Eyes” and the instrumental of “Reload” by Sebastian Ingrosso. For those that haven’t heard…

Apparently he made this remix a while ago, but I haven’t seen him live since my senior year of high school (I just realized that was 4 years ago. Yikes) so I enjoyed hearing it for the first time in person. My 3 favorite songs of the album are Disarm You, A Little More, and We Don’t Stop

The light show he had was pretty crazy as well





All in all it was a great way to spend a Thursday night and a great overall show. After my second time seeing him live I can say Kaskade is definitely worth the ticket.



When you realize you’re seeing the Chainsmokers in 12 days…


#TBT – The Hunts at Firefly 2015

For my very first throwback post I knew I had to share The Hunts. These guys are a family band from Virginia and their musical ability is like none other. I saw them play at Firefly in June and ever since then I’ve been hooked.

At Firefly they played the majority of their album “Those Younger Days”, and, I kid you not, almost every single one of them played every instrument they had on stage. I watched the violinist go play the banjo and the drummer play the accordion and the guitarist play the bass and so on. It was incredible. Their harmonies are heavenly to the ears.

If you like Head and the Heart, get ready to be blown away. These guys are like a more folky version that does not disappoint. Here are a few of my favorites (but you should listen to their entire album):

“Lifting the Sea” – the harmony in this track blows my mind every time

“Valentina” – this song gives me chills. When they played this live, the audience was clapping to the beat and the vocal was just singing “oh valentina” for about a minute and a half, it was amazing. (unfortunately you don’t hear that on the studio track but its still chill-worthy)

“Ages” – this is one of the folkiest songs on the album but I do love the lyrics in this one. They ended their set with this song and it was just an all out jam sesh with all of the instruments.

Ocean (Live at The Red Rocks) – John Butler Trio

Music lovers here is the greatest guitar player in the world. I truly believe that John Butler is the greatest guitar player that has ever graced the listening devices attached to my head. First, this song is pure genius that he plays differently every time. The guy literally makes up the song as he goes with a few significant parts that he always plays the same. In my opinion this is the best version for two reasons. One I have heard all of the other versions and this one has a lot more improv, rock and roll, and pace, and two it is played at The Red Rocks where the greatest musicians in the world play year round. The place is carved into the side of a mountain which creates the ultimate acoustic setting for people like John Butler to perform.

I hope you play this at work or in your room or wherever you do you thing and rock out. I can only listen to this song at full volume because I am part deaf but also it needs to be blasted for the full effect.

This is one of those magical moments that live music creates for its listeners where a song makes you feel so good and you take a step back and say, WOW. I hope you enjoy this one as much as we do.