Sunday RnR: Judas Priest – Sin After Sin


Today makes the 40th anniversary of Judas Priest’s third studio album, Sin After Sin, originally released April 23, 1977. This was the first album on a major record label for the group, as well as the first to fully embrace the heavy metal sound. I was gonna write more about this album, but then a KFC ad started playing on Spotify and now I can only stare into oblivion wondering if any of it was ever worth it? When are we here? What are those 11 herbs and spices? Oh. The album is back. Never mind.



Judas Priest – Painkiller


Judas Priest’s Painkiller, released on September 3, 1990 contains some of their best and most well known work. The whole album is a powerful and aggressive showing of what metal had become at that time, and that Priest was capable of staying in the game. The title track “Painkiller” became one of their most popular tracks, but also on this album are songs like “Between the Hammer and the Anvil” (which I named my guitar amps after), “One Shot at Glory”, “All Guns Blazing”, and “Leather Rebel” all of which are some of my favorite songs from Judas Priest. After a few rocky years, this album is exactly what we all needed from Judas Priest and I think listening to it even today shows that that is true.