‘Funeral’ by Forget Brennan

This song makes me think. About everything and nothing at the same time. I had listened to it prior to hearing it live on Mod Sun’s tour in Pittsburgh but Forget Brennan’s performance kept me listening long after.

Are we desensitized by everything from our phones to our TVs to this digital world we live in?

“My iPhone says what my TV says, and the texts I sent are all left on read.”

At points in the song, I find the somber guitar sound of it all linking me to skepticism, perhaps cynicism, about the future of this world. Yet, at points in the song I feel a sense of individuality and optimism with who I can be, who we can all be as humans.

“The joke is you, the joke is us, the joke is everybody anywhere.”

“The box is you. The box is them. The box is everybody anywhere.”

If I take this song literally as in “no one goes to funeral anymore” then maybe foolishly I find happiness in the hope that it means we have become a generation participating in celebrations of life. Or maybe it means that we are unphased by all the loss and tragedy the world is constantly throwing in our face on every screen every day.

In my life, I want to hold conversations with people that are thought provoking, meaningful, and deep. The same goes for the music I listen to.

Maybe Forget Brennan had specific meaning and intention for this song…maybe not.

That’s the beauty in it.

– zimmertime


Waiting For My Time To Come- Colony House

Colony House is easily one of my favorite bands currently and any indie music fan can hear why. Their album “When I was Younger” is played regularly in my ears and I try and see them live everytime they play live because these Tennessee guys love every second they are on stage.

As I am writing this I have replayed “Waiting for my Time to Come” over 10 times. The entire song is a build up to the epic finale at the end when all vocals and instruments come together. Seeing this song live is one of my favorite memories to date and it is also the song being played in the picture of these guys above.

Colony House is special because fans of all music can relate to their music. They rock out but their lyrics and composition are done purposefully and brilliantly. Enjoy and happy Friday.

SOB – Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats are going to become very popular over the next couple of months and you’ll quickly realize why after listening to one of their first singles, “SOB”. In Boston for a November concert, they’ve already had to switch to a bigger venue because tickets for their first venue sold out so quickly. There are few bands out there that bring so much energy to their music. This song just makes you want to drink bourbon, dance, and sing a long to it. “SOB” is incredibly catchy with a throwback feel. Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats debut album drops August 21st and I highly recommend listening to it. That way you can brag to your friends about knowing who a band was before they blew up.

Who Knew- You Won’t

In my opinion this is one of the best Monday Morning songs ever (and my opinion matters round these parts, I’m kind of a big deal). You Won’t is an indie duo from Boston and it seems like a lot of Indie groups are coming out of Massachusetts now.

The song here is called “Who Knew” and it is off of their 2012 album “Skeptic Goodbye”. I personally LOVE this album and this duo. I think they are extremely unique with the way they write their lyrics and sing their songs. One of my favorite lyrics of all time comes form this song about halfway through… “If I was Marty McFly, I would go back to when we, were nine, or ten. And I’d be your best friend, Say that I knew you when” I laugh everytime I hear it and love the meaning behind the song. This song captures the feeling of wanting to be with someone and all of the “if’s” that could happen in the relationship if it were real.

For Indie music fans this is a must listen album. You can tell all of your friends that you found this older hip-star band with a badass album and you can take all the credit, I dont mind.

Here are more tasty tracks off of the album, be careful these guys are addictive:

Ides of July – Ona

Ona, a five piece band from Huntington, WV, absolutely kills it with this song. Any fan of indie rock will quickly realize that “Ides of July” is an incredible tune. From the catchyness of the song to the guitars there’s nothing not to love. It currently has just under 2,000 plays on Spotify which is completely ridiculous to me. Ona’s debut album, American Fiction, drops September 25th. Everyone should check it out because this band deserves to be super popular.