3am – RAC, Katie Herzig

RAC has quickly become one of my favorite producers because of songs like this one. Creativity and uniqueness are on point in this indie house jam. I am a sucker for female vocals but Katie Herzig in this song gives me some chills, talking about the guy in her life.

RAC is one of those producers that you binge listen to for an entire day because his stuff is so east to listen to and literally every song is like bouncing on clouds. When you put this guy on all worries fade away. After 3am ends you need to listen to this jam as well:

You can’t beat music like this. 5/5 stars, would recommend to a friend. Rush Pike.



Dreaming- Smallpools (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Me when this song comes on at a party:


How can you not like The Chainsmokers. They are everything that’s right about progressive house music right now. Using Indie samples to create bangers is literally genius. If you listen to Smallpools this remix is a must hear because it transforms the song into something you never would have thought of.

The primary reason I still hangout with fellow writer Teej is because he showed me The Chainsmokers and I would feel bad ditching him now after we shared that special moment.

Even though this is an older song, it will make your Monday so much better. Pretend its Wednesday (because thats the start of the weekend) and take some shots of Fireball to this song. Tuesday will be so much better if you do. I promise.