‘Don’t Worry’ by Chalk Dinosaur

Follow That Feeling.

Don’t Worry.

Can’t stress enough how chill the vibes are in this tune and the sheer creativity and quality of production on this track and all Chalk Dinosaur’s tracks.

Their music is introspective, thought provoking, and evokes emotion that leaves the listener willingly vulnerable to the emotions they’re feeling, yet yearning for more of that feeling.

– zimmertime


‘One Piece’ by BBGuns

A house like beat with a fruity tooty flute typa twirl in the background keeps this single fresha than a muhhfugga 🤘🏼

Bass slappin’ with strung out guitar vibes brings the sounds altogether.

Come Together. Right Now. Let’s Unify.

And give BBGuns a listen would ya – their indie hip hop sound is crazy unique and hella good different than what I’ve been hearing anywhere lately.


‘The Fool’ by The Hills and the Rivers

A sweet melody opens up with guitar, followed by timely violin and banjo.

The three instrumental pieces combined with double vocals makes this such a memorable piece.

I’d rather be the magician than the fool, but this song was too good not to highlight for today’s beat.

The Hills and the Rivers (Pittsburgh ya dig) released their latest album The Fool and The Magician on May 18, 2018.

Love the truth as much as you love yourself and others, and you will no longer be the fool.

OR to continue NOT being a fool, check out The Hills and the Rivers on all streaming platforms and check out ‘The Magician’ – a song and music video below!

‘Funeral’ by Forget Brennan

This song makes me think. About everything and nothing at the same time. I had listened to it prior to hearing it live on Mod Sun’s tour in Pittsburgh but Forget Brennan’s performance kept me listening long after.

Are we desensitized by everything from our phones to our TVs to this digital world we live in?

“My iPhone says what my TV says, and the texts I sent are all left on read.”

At points in the song, I find the somber guitar sound of it all linking me to skepticism, perhaps cynicism, about the future of this world. Yet, at points in the song I feel a sense of individuality and optimism with who I can be, who we can all be as humans.

“The joke is you, the joke is us, the joke is everybody anywhere.”

“The box is you. The box is them. The box is everybody anywhere.”

If I take this song literally as in “no one goes to funeral anymore” then maybe foolishly I find happiness in the hope that it means we have become a generation participating in celebrations of life. Or maybe it means that we are unphased by all the loss and tragedy the world is constantly throwing in our face on every screen every day.

In my life, I want to hold conversations with people that are thought provoking, meaningful, and deep. The same goes for the music I listen to.

Maybe Forget Brennan had specific meaning and intention for this song…maybe not.

That’s the beauty in it.

– zimmertime

‘Buffalo Rose’ by Buffalo Rose

“I’ll be your Soldier and you’ll be my Buffalo Rose.”

I recently gave Buffalo Rose a listen and I immediately jumped in. Long car rides with soothing sounds are meant for each other.

A unique take on folk and bluegrass, I am making it a point to see Buffalo Rose early in 2019:

Artist Spotlight – Maxie and the Wells


Maxie Dickinson has been making music in some way shape or form for nearly her whole life. These works have spread across a wide range of styles and genres, but her new project Maxie and the Wells takes a more experimental approach to making music. Maxie uses a combination of guitar, synth, vocals, drums, and does it all on her own. I interviewed Maxie about her music recently, so please enjoy her music and her words on it.

When and how did you start making music?

I started music when I was about six. I come from a musical family. My Father is a piano technician and really encouraged me and my sister to get involved creatively. Then around the age of 8 I started playing guitar which is when I really got into writing my own music.

What inspires you to making music?

It’s something I’ve always done. Maybe I feel like I have something to prove? Or something? But being honest with myself I feel like I use it as therapy.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Sooooo many influences, but this CD  specifically  was influenced by Say Anything, Tune Yards, Rubble Bucket, and Yellow Ostrich.

What can you say about Maxie and the Wells?

Maxie and the Wells is a one-Woman-band. I was interested in performing multiple instruments at once without any help with loop pedals and such. Besides that, this project is about imperfection. It’s about expressing my own imperfections. I wanted to expose the imperfections in my voice, specifically. I want honesty in all aspects in my life and trying to polish off my voice and music production feels forced and dishonest in a weird way.

How bad was the worst painting?

So bad.

What can we expect next? Anything else in the works?

I am constantly making work and will continue to release work. Will it be Maxie and the Wells? I don’t know. Either way, I know I want to continue performing with multiple instruments at once and want to making music that is honest to me.

Enjoy, my friends.

When Notre Dame Weekend Kicks Your Ass

Sometimes after a tough weekend on the body all you need are some tunes to bring you back to life. This weekend was tough on all the Pittsburgh writers after we lost to Notre Dame, not because of the loss but because of the alcohol consumed in mass quantities. Sunday is the day of rest and the songs I will be posting in this blog will help everyone out today.. I promise.

First up is the Galantis song “Peanut Butter Jelly” which is very underrated in my opinion. This is a great music video and song and should be enjoyed by every college student who likes to be happy.

This next song is by Austin Basham who I am assuming no reader knows about. For all you indie lovers out there (Ali Fleming) this guy is my new favorite indie artist. He has an EP out on Spotify that is absolutely a must listen if you like this song. I hope to hear more of Austin’s music in the future.

Vince Staples has blown up the past year or so and his album “Summertime ’06” backs up his rise to fame. “Lemme Know” is my favorite track off of this album but there are way too many solid tunes on this album. When this song comes on our house turnips:

Last tune is our boy Mic Stewart who we are bringing to Pittsburgh Nov. 20th. Gonna be a great show and Mic shows his freestyle skills in this video

Cat Puns Playlist

For all you fans of the cereal playlists that have been coming out, here is another one. This one was created because there is a special guest gracing us with his presence this weekend. The Notorious Dalt is rollin into town and Pitt is not ready for him. Lets get at it this weekend.

We have some new songs and some old ones as well… like really old… like 50’s… like before it was cool to be cool. Listen to this while you’re in class/ doing work/ drinking at 11 AM/ living life.

Past Lives – BØRNS

So BØRNS came out with a new album “Dopamine” and changed my life forever. My first run through the album had me smiling like Kevin Malone from The Office:

Honestly this was the same feeling I got the first time I heard the albums “American Idiot” by Green Day and “Sign No More” by Mumford and Sons. Its an unreal feeling and I am so excited to hangout with these sounds for the next week straight until everything is memorized.

This song “Past Lives” is my favorite off of the album because Garrett Borns has the voice of an angel and those synths and electronic drums give me happiness. If you dig this song the album is a must listen, every song is just as good as this one if not better.

Borns is a native of Michigan and is the synth badass alter ego of Hozier. He’s got soul, he’s got heart, he’s got pipes and he’s got the power of synths and electronic drums that hip-hop producers are going to sample very soon.

This is another fan favorite with 28 million streams on spotify:

Here is the entire album, please give it a listen.

20 Songs You Need In Your Life

I put together some songs that you guys hopefully have never heard before. I wanted to get some new stuff out there because that’s what this site is all about. This playlist is dedicated to @danimonaco, I hope you like all of these songs.

This playlist is a mix of indie/house/alternative/hiphop/random nonsense and that’s what its all about. I hope some of you find your new favorite artist/band on here or a new song that you play all of the time. If that’s the case let us know, we love to hear that kinda stuff. Shoutout to our boi Larry who is celebrating his birthday today. Peace Love and Gap