When Notre Dame Weekend Kicks Your Ass

Sometimes after a tough weekend on the body all you need are some tunes to bring you back to life. This weekend was tough on all the Pittsburgh writers after we lost to Notre Dame, not because of the loss but because of the alcohol consumed in mass quantities. Sunday is the day of rest and the songs I will be posting in this blog will help everyone out today.. I promise.

First up is the Galantis song “Peanut Butter Jelly” which is very underrated in my opinion. This is a great music video and song and should be enjoyed by every college student who likes to be happy.

This next song is by Austin Basham who I am assuming no reader knows about. For all you indie lovers out there (Ali Fleming) this guy is my new favorite indie artist. He has an EP out on Spotify that is absolutely a must listen if you like this song. I hope to hear more of Austin’s music in the future.

Vince Staples has blown up the past year or so and his album “Summertime ’06” backs up his rise to fame. “Lemme Know” is my favorite track off of this album but there are way too many solid tunes on this album. When this song comes on our house turnips:

Last tune is our boy Mic Stewart who we are bringing to Pittsburgh Nov. 20th. Gonna be a great show and Mic shows his freestyle skills in this video


Mine – Phoebe Ryan (Lash Remix)

Lash has been putting out some delicious tunes lately and “Mine” has the feeling of an underdog banger. If you don’t get the sick reference that means its low key a rager song that when put on, changes lives. Check it out @Nick Krakoff who doesn’t read this site but will love this song

Kaskade Live @ 31st Street Studios

I had the pleasure of seeing Kaskade on the 15th of October with fellow writers Chewb and Ben, our newest addition to the fam. None of us had ever been to the venue before so we didn’t know what to expect. We just figured there would be room for people to dance. And we weren’t let down. The entire venue is just an empty warehouse in the Strip District. The exact location is pretty sketchy (under a bridge and behind a bunch of old buildings) but it was surprisingly a great place to see a show, particularly and EDM show where most people are dancing. I would definitely go back again for another show.

I wasn’t kidding….literally just an empty warehouse.

As for the Kaskade show, he was fantastic. He played his entire album except 2 songs I believe, and they all sounded better live. The whole vibe of the show was deep house and Kaskade carried that through his whole set. One song that popped out to me was a mash up of the vocals from Kaskade’s “Eyes” and the instrumental of “Reload” by Sebastian Ingrosso. For those that haven’t heard…

Apparently he made this remix a while ago, but I haven’t seen him live since my senior year of high school (I just realized that was 4 years ago. Yikes) so I enjoyed hearing it for the first time in person. My 3 favorite songs of the album are Disarm You, A Little More, and We Don’t Stop

The light show he had was pretty crazy as well





All in all it was a great way to spend a Thursday night and a great overall show. After my second time seeing him live I can say Kaskade is definitely worth the ticket.



When you realize you’re seeing the Chainsmokers in 12 days…


Nothing Left- Kygo (Jenaux Remix)

This new remix of Kygo’s “Nothing Left” came across my Soundcloud feed this weekend and I’m very glad that it did. I like this Jenaux because it doesn’t change the original song too much. He just speeds it up a little bit and puts drums in the background. So simple yet so effective when it’s done the right way. Here’s the original version for you to compare….

They’re both good versions in their own way. But as usual, if you have awesome vocals you can put any music behind it and it can sound good. The vocalist is Will Heard and I really like what he did with Kygo on this track. Hopefully this song can make your Monday a little bit better.

Captain Claude Update: He’s still good at hockey

The Chainsmokers- New York City

The Chainsmokers are back with their newest single “New York City” and closes out their Bouquet EP that’s on Spotify now…

The rest of the songs have been released before, and most have appeared on this site so they should sound familiar. It starts off slow with just the vocals, piano, and strings in the background. I don’t know who the singer is, but whoever she is I think her voice is pretty above average. I like the verses way more than the drop in this song (that’s a hot take, I’ve only listened twice so that might change) but I like that they are trying different things with their music. There isn’t a song on the EP that really sounds the same as another. Every song by these guys will be blogged regardless of my liking it or not. Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend. And for those who didn’t see the Flyers Bruins game Wednesday night….here’s Captain Claude’s rocket in OT to give the Flyers the win

Top shelf…right where Momma hides the cookies. That gave me chills

3am – RAC, Katie Herzig

RAC has quickly become one of my favorite producers because of songs like this one. Creativity and uniqueness are on point in this indie house jam. I am a sucker for female vocals but Katie Herzig in this song gives me some chills, talking about the guy in her life.

RAC is one of those producers that you binge listen to for an entire day because his stuff is so east to listen to and literally every song is like bouncing on clouds. When you put this guy on all worries fade away. After 3am ends you need to listen to this jam as well:

You can’t beat music like this. 5/5 stars, would recommend to a friend. Rush Pike.


Say Something – Karen Harding (Zac Samuel Remix)

Anyone Studying? Use the power of this song to get that 3.0 that we all strive for.

Let’s go over the essentials for a song posted:

Perfect Vocals √

Dope Ass Beat √

Frat? √

This song has all of the components of being a banger/study song/pregame jam/bumpin car ride tune. Zac Samuel did work with this remix and deserves a Grammy for Album of the Year and the entire album is just this song. Enjoy peoples

Won’t Look Back – Duke Dumont

I bet you a dollar Monday’s wouldn’t be so bad if we had a music site where we could go and listen to music like this and forget all of the money we lost at the casino this weekend @joeykangaroo. But no such site exists… oh well. Enjoy the music and sarcasm above.

Duke Dumont has been killing the game recently with the smash hit “Ocean Drive” providing smooth bass lines to all those sorority girls who like to party hardy!!!!!!!

I first head The Duke in Ireland when I went out with local Irish college students one night. I fell in love with his simple but catchy hooks especially the song “The Giver” 

I hope Duke Dumont continues with his smooth ways with upcoming music and I hope it comes out immediately. Enjoy

Machine Gun Divinity- Trachstar Bootleg

Our good friend Josh came out with another bootleg that flows perfectly together. The greatest ever, Biggie Smalls, and the very young and talented Porter Robinson’s track Divinity. Combining electronic music and hip hop is becoming more popular and for a good reason. This song I can really get down with while I’m studying or trying to wake up after a long night out. Check out Trachstar’s full Soundcloud here and check out the rest of his stuff and support a friend of the site!

Feels Good (Feat. Tom Cane)- Flux Pavilion and Patrick Hagenaar

This song is perfect if you wanna get in the mood to go out drinking with your friends. This a great future house track that gets the asses to shake. When the piano comes in it’s pretty much impossible to not want to get up and gyrate at least a little bit

Fall is officially among us and we will have october playlists to check out. If you havent seen my new soundcloud playlist for studying/hanging out, check it out here. A bunch of new stuff I’ve never put on the site before so give it a try and see if you like it. Enjoy your weekend.