‘Put You On’ by Livefromthecity

Today’s beat is brought to you by Livefromthecity! Big bass bumpin’, melodic singing undertones, and an earworm chorus is what puts this song on front and center for today’s featured beat.


Pictured: Livefromthecity
Photo Credit: Michael Schwartz

The song starts off with Live saying “For the city, for the city you know.” And if one and one thing only is true, it’s that Livefromthe7ity loves the 412.

To hear the song, check out the songlink below!

Put You On

– Zimmertime


‘Simple’ by Mars Jackson ft. Benji.

What’s up Pittsburgh, the rest of the world? It’s been about 2 years, but I’m getting back to writing about A BEAT A DAY, so I’m going to keep this “Simple” and break down the vibes on this track by Mars Jackson ft. Benji.

The beat starts off catchy and transitions into a wavy, electric-sounding organ over top to start the chorus off just right.

In verse 1 Mars spits seemingly nonchalant, flowin’ rhymes from start to end about the girl he is trying to get to know and ultimately woo over.


In the 2nd verse, Benji. begins by singing clever lyrics on wanting to get to know a girl on another level – “Do you really like the things you like or you just like it how they gave it to you? Lift the package and it’s the product, and shawty they ain’t really bangin’ with you. I just wanna see what you’re all about…”

Benji. Champion

It’s like he’s talking about the layers that make up a person, a girl in this case, and appreciating her for those layers that get peeled back as you get to know someone more and more.

Lyrics are always up for interpretation and to me both Mars and Benji. are talking about getting to know a girl on a real, meaningful level and doing exactly that can be Simple.

This is a ‘True fuckin’ playa credential’ song right here.


Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage


Supergroup Prophets of Rage, made from members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill released a new version of “Prophets of Rage”, a Public Enemy classic. The group is performing a mix of each artist’s songs on their tour, as well as a couple original tracks. I love the rock-rap style, and though I haven’t heard much else from this collaboration yet, I’m excited to see what else it has to offer.


Sunday RnR: Late Night


I usually like to post Sunday RnR in the morning so we can all enjoy a full day of some hearty jams together, but today was different. We all grew old and wrinkle as hour after hour went by and not a single taste jam was posted to A Beat A Day. Well, I’m here for you now, baby. After an insanely busy weekend I’m writing a Sunday RnR about things that are late. Midnight, being too late, never being late, staying up all night for one reason or another, the whole gambit of late related words or phrases, some having very little or no connection. Itself still a good playlist those.


Sunday RnR: 2016 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductees


Earlier this week, the 31st class of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was officially inducted. What better way to celebrate than a playlist with a little something from all the new inductees? Today we have a couple songs from Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, NWA, Chicago, and Steve Miller. Not much to say past that, just a good day to keep rocking to these now legendary artists.


Sunday RnR: Shuffle Playlist

Today for Sunday RnR, I wanted to roll the dice and see what I would get if I put my iTunes on shuffle and put the first songs that came up into a Spotify playlist. Unfortunately, this wasn’t 100% effective because some stuff that’s on my iTunes is not on Spotify (I’m looking at you, Taylor Swift), but it might be better in some cases because a lot more Childish Gambino and Motörhead came up that wasn’t available. I didn’t change the fact that artists can come up back to back as they do here. That’s statistics, bruh. I don’t mean to get educational on your asses, this is just a playlist decided by destiny. You may think I’m phoning it in this week, but I like to think of it as finding new and creative ways to bring you some sweet music on your Sunday morning. And even if I am phoning it in, this was fun and I’ll probably do this again in the future. You can’t stop me….

I’m so sorry….


Sunday RnR: Super Bowl Hype Edition

Are you ready for some football? Well your answer should be “no” unless you’re bumping this week’s Sunday RnR playlist. In honor of the big game we’ve got a solid collection of the songs that always get played at the stadium to hype up the crowd. You can throw this on at your parties to get it poppin, jam while you’re getting ready, or play the intros and choruses of these songs between plays now and again to make it feel like you’re actually there. The choice is yours, I’m just giving you the resources.

Also “Crazy Train” technically appears twice on this list because it’s used in Trick Daddy’s “Let’s Go”, but I don’t care and neither should you because they’re both dope.


The Future: Some New Names for 2016

Anderson Pakk

Anderson Pakk recently dropped his project “Malibu”, a soulful look into the talented rapper/producer/vocalists life. On this album the song “The Waters” is a game changer. Its the kind of track that Kanye would turn his head for… the kind of song that makes an artist stand out among the crowd. Be on the lookout for big things from this man.


Lewis Del Mar

Thanks to our man on the streets Thomas “The Stud” Miles we were introduced to Lewis Del Mar before their blow up.. which is dope. Coming out with their EP “EP” consisting of 4 tracks that fucking rock, the duo from Queens took the streaming world by storm and I could not be happier.


Leon Bridges

Ladies if you haven’t heard of Mr. Smooth yet Leon Bridges is going to sweep you off your feet. His voice is better than that dog instagram that you love, better than the Kanye vs Wiz Twitter battle, better than rushing Pike. His single “Coming Home” went viral and now the dude is touring around the world… Coming to Pittsburgh in a couple months and this guy will be there.

download (1)


You all know Bleachers Aka Jack Antonoff, but how do you know him? Remember that band FUN!? He was a part of that… and now he is solo and killin the game. You might have heard this one before:

And now you’re going to be hearing a lot more of him just wait.


Marian Hill

Marian Hill is a Philly Duo which makes them all time in my books already. Last year I saw them at Firefly and this year they are playing at Bonnaroo… so they are winning life right now. Their style is unreal and beyond unique and we have an exclusive loo in with them from a little while ago you can find here: Marian Hill


Late Night With DJ Chewy

So this is going to become an installment on ABAD, late night with yours truly. Gonna give you all 4 songs… 1 Chill, 1 Turnip, 1 Delicious and 1 Old. Deal with it puds


As far as opening lines go this track by Zea & The Copper Children is top 5. Very smooth song to get you ready for bed time children.


Marshmello is taking the turnip house game by storm. The guy dropped his album “Joytime” a couple days ago and this track is a party starter. If you’re a lonely guy put this song on and 3 Tri Delts will appear at your door. Its like the movie Field of Dreams except this time “if you play it pud will come”. Try it out and let me know if it works


Danny Brown has that indescribable feature that makes him enjoyable to listen to. His voice is one for the ages and this song is a straight up delicious meal for the ears


If you don’t like queen you’re probably a New England Patriots fan. Fat Bottom Girls take me home tonight



Songs That You Can Bump to In Bed

It’s almost finals time and everyone is done with school being a thing. For those of you that physically and mentally can’t get out of bed to do anything we have you covered with these jams. Some of these songs are new and some are old, some you can sing as loud as you can and some you can just vibe to, either way enjoy and let’s have some fun. Stay under those covers and put your shitty iPhone headphones in and lets bump courtesy of these artists and bands.

First up is a producer that my boy Diabetic Dylan found and sent over my way. This song is straight Joe Dirt… house with hip-hop is a dangerous combination:

Next up is a very relaxed track that came out a few weeks ago. “All My Friends” features Chance The Rapper who touches a song and it turns to gold:

Anyone remember this one? Xaphoon Jones aka the second half of Chiddy Bang did this mashup like 8 years ago.

Another classic before either of these two blew up.. Big Sean and Chiddy Bang collab for my favorite Big Sean song

B.o.B used to be my man. I would listen to his mixtapes and rehearsed every word. This song is my teenage years right here. Shouts to Armen if you read this:

This track by The Dixie Chicks still gives me chills to this day. If you don’t know what the song is about look it up and re-listen. This right here is the power of music:

This one speaks for itself, just makes you feel good also 141 million views on YouTube…. unreal:

This last song is from “The Boss” and is my favorite Christmas Song hands down:


Stay classy guys