Never Be Like You – Flume, Kai

Flume is jesus. I don’t know why I still get surprised when he kills a track, the guy is a magician when it comes to producing. “Never Be Like You” is going to be one of 2016’s hottest tracks. It is going to be on my late night post as well because the peoples need to hear it.



HyperParadise – Hermitude (Flume Remix)

Shout out to our friend in the field Ben (rush pike) Zimmertime for this find. This song is fresher then febreeze and has been played constantly in our house the past couple of days. Flume continues to do brilliant work and stands to be one of the best producers out there for this type of music.

Its Friday and its time to unwind from all of the troubles of life. What better way then to hangout with us and Flume. Enjoy friends, lets do fun things tonight.


Some Minds – Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt

My inaugural post has to go out to Flume. The first time my ears were graced by the sounds of Flume was last summer when I listened to his hugely successful remix of Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’, which has racked up over 25 million views as of writing. His newest song, an original called ‘Some Minds’, is another masterpiece. The structure of this song parallels that one song by Phil Collins that everyone and their mom knows, ‘In the Air Tonight’. What Phil makes you feel with his drum solo 3 minutes into his song , Flume makes you feel with his drop 3 minutes into his song. We all have that friend that mistimes his air drum solo when listening to ‘In the Air Tonight” and now you’ll all have that friend who mistimes his post-drop spasm when listening to ‘Some Minds’. After just one listen of ‘Some Minds’ you will forever find yourself tensed up with excitement as you anticipate the arrival of Flume’s drop.

Have-ah-Have-ah listen