‘Rolling Stoned’ by Leila Rhodes

The first minute is by far the best part of this song in my ears. The build up and production of sound that meshes and comes together is melodic, perfectly timed, and soothingly catchy.

The chill rapping with echoing and the drawn out rhymes are subtle but executed to perfection.

The piano and guitar combination post chorus is prime.

I can’t wait to hear more of what Leila Rhodes creates musically.

– zimmertime


‘Don’t Worry’ by Chalk Dinosaur

Follow That Feeling.

Don’t Worry.

Can’t stress enough how chill the vibes are in this tune and the sheer creativity and quality of production on this track and all Chalk Dinosaur’s tracks.

Their music is introspective, thought provoking, and evokes emotion that leaves the listener willingly vulnerable to the emotions they’re feeling, yet yearning for more of that feeling.

– zimmertime

‘Neverland’ by Tommy Girl & Nikola

Mysterious, trippy, intriguing, apocalyptic??

A lot of thoughts come to mind when hearing this song, and I always enjoy songs that make me think.

Synthy piano rifts with cinematic, explosive yet subtle background sounds and bumpin’ bass make for a stellar production by Nikola @sincerelynikola

Tommy Girl matches her tone and energy perfectly with the sound put out in this track.

I’ve never been to Neverland, but no one is truly in control, so why not?

– zimmertime

Sunday RnR: TWRP – Ladyworld


TWRP is back on Sunday RnR with their sick ass electro-sync rock sound. The sound is great, the bass lines are amazing, the beats and syncs carry the song to higher places, and the guitars come in to add just a little something extra. Not many groups are doing what TWRP is doing, and none of them are doing it as well. I don’t have any specific recommendations off “Ladyworld”, they’re all worth a listen, and since the whole thing is under 30 minutes long, why not just enjoy it all?


Knife Party and Tom Morello – Battle Sirens


A while back, we shared this collaboration between Knife Party and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello when it first came into the public eye with a surprise appearance at Ultra Music Festival. Well, a studio version of their song “Battle Sirens” has come out and it is better than I remember. The way Morello’s riffs work into Knife Party’s harder style or EDM seems to be a match made in heaven. Whether or not the pairing will continue to work together outside of this is still unclear, but I am honestly hoping that they continue to do so.


Sunday RnR: TWRP


TWRP, or Tupper Ware Remix Party, is a band I’ve been jamming out to a lot to recently. Their sound is something out of this world, combining electronic music with synthy jams and robotic vocals with rocking guitar, bass, and drum tracks. Obviously there is a lot of overlap in these thing anyway, but TWRP puts them together in a super enjoyable way. It’s hard to describe, it’s really something you just need to listen to. Plus that slap bass. My God that slap bass is incredible. Here’s a short playlist, but their entire body of work is on Spotify and there isn’t a huge amount just yet, so I recommend checking it out if you like what you hear.


deadmau5 – Snowcone


deadmau5 released “Snowcone” last week an is his first single in a couple of years. Though he often uploads bits and piece of tracks to his recently deleted Soundcloud page. Professional drama aside, “Snowcone” is a great track. There is a great ambient-ness to the track before showing of a harder drum beat and some synth lines with a real nice groove to them. I was super excited to get new music from deadmau5. He is one of my favorite artists and luckily not a lot of rock music has come out recently so I can share this track with you instead.


To My Soul – Jerry Folk

Norwegian producer Jerry Folk describes his style as on his Facebook “an electronic mixture of whatever inspires me”.  Recently released  “To My Soul” has on full display a variety of musical elements that move together harmoniously in a track that is just…. satisfying.


I felt myself rocking along from the beginning of the track which is driven by a simple, clear rhythm and low, soulful, relaxing lead. This lead initially brought to mind an old school Will Smith “Just the two of us” type R&B feeling and is the star of the track in my opinion.  Vocal chops, trap style rides, and a metallic-y xylophone melody splash in at the drop as the track takes on a new presence.  The seamless combination of future-based elements and soothing sounds profiles cozy together in an expertly crafted mix.

“To My Soul” is featured on Suicide Sheep (already topping 300k+ views), Majestic Casual and Too Future. Thursdays Vol. 87. You can also check it out on Jerry Folk’s SoundCloud and of course on ABAD365. Cheers.

-Alec Jach