‘Smooth’ by Sierra Sellers

Today’s featured beat ‘Smooth’ is exactly that – Smoooooooth.

Sierra Sellers is looking out for her sistaaaas in this one warning them to be careful about smooth talkers. They aren’t playin’ a fool to the men trying to woo them over, so no wonder ‘he’ is smooth talking in the first place. Unless he’s a real one and her sisters stick around, they better earn the respect they deserve as she explains throughout the song.


It’s a straight forward message with a tone to match and display of vocal range that can’t be overlooked.

Act like you know, not like you know better.

– zimmertime


The Future: Some New Names for 2016

Anderson Pakk

Anderson Pakk recently dropped his project “Malibu”, a soulful look into the talented rapper/producer/vocalists life. On this album the song “The Waters” is a game changer. Its the kind of track that Kanye would turn his head for… the kind of song that makes an artist stand out among the crowd. Be on the lookout for big things from this man.


Lewis Del Mar

Thanks to our man on the streets Thomas “The Stud” Miles we were introduced to Lewis Del Mar before their blow up.. which is dope. Coming out with their EP “EP” consisting of 4 tracks that fucking rock, the duo from Queens took the streaming world by storm and I could not be happier.


Leon Bridges

Ladies if you haven’t heard of Mr. Smooth yet Leon Bridges is going to sweep you off your feet. His voice is better than that dog instagram that you love, better than the Kanye vs Wiz Twitter battle, better than rushing Pike. His single “Coming Home” went viral and now the dude is touring around the world… Coming to Pittsburgh in a couple months and this guy will be there.

download (1)


You all know Bleachers Aka Jack Antonoff, but how do you know him? Remember that band FUN!? He was a part of that… and now he is solo and killin the game. You might have heard this one before:

And now you’re going to be hearing a lot more of him just wait.


Marian Hill

Marian Hill is a Philly Duo which makes them all time in my books already. Last year I saw them at Firefly and this year they are playing at Bonnaroo… so they are winning life right now. Their style is unreal and beyond unique and we have an exclusive loo in with them from a little while ago you can find here: Marian Hill


Late Night with Bert Macklin

The ler’s lost but music can fix your problems you yinzers. In the words of the great Bert Macklin “I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything”


Man Crush City right here. Sorry Matt Damon you’re out bro… Benjy’s in.


Deorro pairs up with Far East Movement and Uberjak’d for insanity. Insanity is the only word that fits. I want to see this Panda loving producer live to rage to this track. Let’s all turn this one up real quick.


Kid Cudi is coming to Pittsburgh Feb 5th. Get your tickets here : Cudi Tix

For that reason this is my late night delicious song… fuck all the haters of Cudi cause this guy has one of the best catalogs of all time. Cudder changed hip-hop sounds and made this writer’s life much better.


Daft Punk is better than watching the patriots lose in the playoffs. They are revolutionary and I’m convinced they are robots. This live concert album “Alive” is the epitome of live entertainment. I’m pretty sure Kanye was at this concert and he smiled, thats how good it was… I’m also pretty sure that you don’t need to fact check that.


Late Night With DJ Chewy

So this is going to become an installment on ABAD, late night with yours truly. Gonna give you all 4 songs… 1 Chill, 1 Turnip, 1 Delicious and 1 Old. Deal with it puds


As far as opening lines go this track by Zea & The Copper Children is top 5. Very smooth song to get you ready for bed time children.


Marshmello is taking the turnip house game by storm. The guy dropped his album “Joytime” a couple days ago and this track is a party starter. If you’re a lonely guy put this song on and 3 Tri Delts will appear at your door. Its like the movie Field of Dreams except this time “if you play it pud will come”. Try it out and let me know if it works


Danny Brown has that indescribable feature that makes him enjoyable to listen to. His voice is one for the ages and this song is a straight up delicious meal for the ears


If you don’t like queen you’re probably a New England Patriots fan. Fat Bottom Girls take me home tonight



Tree of Life- Logic (ft Slug, Killer Mike)

I don’t know about you, but last night kicked my ass. I had a helluva time and my body punished me for it this morning. But what my body doesn’t know is that my mind is stronger and I can therefore overcome anything. So after copious amounts of water, a power nap for the ages, and some burritos, I’m back and ready to go for round 2 tonight. But before I got back to 100%, I needed some chillaxing tunes to vibe out to and put me at ease. This new release from Logic did just that. So if you’re like me and want to just sit back and relax before another night out on the town, I suggest adding this song to your routine. Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s. Until next time. Bless up.


G Baby

Songs That You Can Bump to In Bed

It’s almost finals time and everyone is done with school being a thing. For those of you that physically and mentally can’t get out of bed to do anything we have you covered with these jams. Some of these songs are new and some are old, some you can sing as loud as you can and some you can just vibe to, either way enjoy and let’s have some fun. Stay under those covers and put your shitty iPhone headphones in and lets bump courtesy of these artists and bands.

First up is a producer that my boy Diabetic Dylan found and sent over my way. This song is straight Joe Dirt… house with hip-hop is a dangerous combination:

Next up is a very relaxed track that came out a few weeks ago. “All My Friends” features Chance The Rapper who touches a song and it turns to gold:

Anyone remember this one? Xaphoon Jones aka the second half of Chiddy Bang did this mashup like 8 years ago.

Another classic before either of these two blew up.. Big Sean and Chiddy Bang collab for my favorite Big Sean song

B.o.B used to be my man. I would listen to his mixtapes and rehearsed every word. This song is my teenage years right here. Shouts to Armen if you read this:

This track by The Dixie Chicks still gives me chills to this day. If you don’t know what the song is about look it up and re-listen. This right here is the power of music:

This one speaks for itself, just makes you feel good also 141 million views on YouTube…. unreal:

This last song is from “The Boss” and is my favorite Christmas Song hands down:


Stay classy guys




The Chainsmokers- New York City

The Chainsmokers are back with their newest single “New York City” and closes out their Bouquet EP that’s on Spotify now…

The rest of the songs have been released before, and most have appeared on this site so they should sound familiar. It starts off slow with just the vocals, piano, and strings in the background. I don’t know who the singer is, but whoever she is I think her voice is pretty above average. I like the verses way more than the drop in this song (that’s a hot take, I’ve only listened twice so that might change) but I like that they are trying different things with their music. There isn’t a song on the EP that really sounds the same as another. Every song by these guys will be blogged regardless of my liking it or not. Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend. And for those who didn’t see the Flyers Bruins game Wednesday night….here’s Captain Claude’s rocket in OT to give the Flyers the win

Top shelf…right where Momma hides the cookies. That gave me chills

New Study Playlist to Get You Through Midterms

So as the first round of midterms start rolling around and we all need to start living at a table in Hillman running on 5 hour energy and junk food, why not give some music that will accompany that. Next time you sit down read over some notes or do some practice problems hit play on this playlist. I put a lot of songs I’ve just found on there as well as some ones you’ll definitely recognize. Here’s a couple that really stand out to me and have been in my earphones a lot recently.

#TBT Outkast- ATLiens

If you don’t like Outkast, I question you’re ability to like anything.  “ATLiens” was one of Outkast’s earlier hits and it still gets the people going to this day.  It is a perfect song to chill to, but can also be utilized at a party to get the crowd moving.  Both Big Boi and Andre 3000 display smooth flows over the soothing beat.  Just nod your head to the bass line and wave your hands in the aiyer while the whole party/gathering sings the chorus.  Outkast has plenty of songs that are perfect for playlists of all kinds (Roses, Hey Ya, Ms. Jackson…).  So, since you’ve all been great, here’s a bonus TBT track below! 😮 That’s right.  No extra charge.  The song “Slump” is a great song to ride around to in the whip.  If you’ve seen the movie “Neighbors,” this is where the “hooty-hoo” comes from.  This song is still one of the chillest songs out there to chill to on chill days with your chillest friends.


This post is for fellow writer Amin on his glorious 20th birthday. Lets go to the bars tonight buddy…


On a nicer, less sarcastic note, this song absolutely bumps. Its perfect for our loveable Tom Haverford lookalike on his 20th birthday. It has those perfect female vocals and about halfway through the song picks up into a jammin groove. I can see Amin now in his man cave of a room bumping to this song as he plays fifa while everyone is at the bar tonight.

Happy Birthday buddy! I hope you like the song and I hope you get everything you want from Santa!