‘Rolling Stoned’ by Leila Rhodes

The first minute is by far the best part of this song in my ears. The build up and production of sound that meshes and comes together is melodic, perfectly timed, and soothingly catchy.

The chill rapping with echoing and the drawn out rhymes are subtle but executed to perfection.

The piano and guitar combination post chorus is prime.

I can’t wait to hear more of what Leila Rhodes creates musically.

– zimmertime


‘Train of Thought’ by Brittney Chantele & Treble NLS

Brittney Chantele & Treble NLS dish out the thoughts that quite often all of us are going through. Our minds can run a million miles a minute, and our thoughts tend to never be silent. Yet, this song is all about letting that train pass, so that there can be clarity and serenity within our thoughts.

The two remind listeners that life is a balance, and it would be foolish to ignore our thoughts completely. It’s essential to hone in on the thoughts that help us grow, and let the ones that drag us down stay on the train that passes us by.

Check out the video and song at the link below:


– zimmertime

‘Funeral’ by Forget Brennan

This song makes me think. About everything and nothing at the same time. I had listened to it prior to hearing it live on Mod Sun’s tour in Pittsburgh but Forget Brennan’s performance kept me listening long after.

Are we desensitized by everything from our phones to our TVs to this digital world we live in?

“My iPhone says what my TV says, and the texts I sent are all left on read.”

At points in the song, I find the somber guitar sound of it all linking me to skepticism, perhaps cynicism, about the future of this world. Yet, at points in the song I feel a sense of individuality and optimism with who I can be, who we can all be as humans.

“The joke is you, the joke is us, the joke is everybody anywhere.”

“The box is you. The box is them. The box is everybody anywhere.”

If I take this song literally as in “no one goes to funeral anymore” then maybe foolishly I find happiness in the hope that it means we have become a generation participating in celebrations of life. Or maybe it means that we are unphased by all the loss and tragedy the world is constantly throwing in our face on every screen every day.

In my life, I want to hold conversations with people that are thought provoking, meaningful, and deep. The same goes for the music I listen to.

Maybe Forget Brennan had specific meaning and intention for this song…maybe not.

That’s the beauty in it.

– zimmertime

Featured Artist of the Week: Clara Kent

‘Winter Song’ is Clara Kent’s latest release. The holiday song is warm to the soul, like a cup of hot cocoa on Christmas morning.

Her latest performance was at Club Cafe on December 20th curated by Dauntless Records. The show included performances by Justo Ontario, Aria Jay, Clara Kent, and DeonRaps with Arie Cole DJing the event throughout.

Justo Ontario opened up the night with music that showcased his vocal range and energetic stage presence. Aria Jay followed with a stellar crowd engaging performance, and DJed her own show. DeonRaps crushed the stage with his fierce rhymes and ended the night on an upbeat note.

In between AriaJay and DeonRaps, Clara Kent performed.

Clara Kent sang a heart throbbing showcase of her latest release ‘Winter Song.’ There may have been actual tears in the audience after she was finished. Her ability to encapsulate the audience through volume control, vibrato, and sheer beauty of tone and pitch is what makes her performance so memorable.

She followed ‘Winter Song’ up with a couple of songs highlighting her ability to tap into her hip hop side and even rapped in the last song – Words. A full range of Clara’s talents were on display:

Just yesterday, the group in which she is lead singer for, Tribe Eternal, announced that she would be performing for Sofar Sounds in DC, Philly, and Pittsburgh. She confirmed today via Instagram @iamclarakent, and she already has one performance for Sofar Sounds in DC in 2018.

She released her latest album ‘Aura’ in 2018 as well, and also released one of my favorite 2018 singles – ‘Loner Type.’ It was a breakout year for Clara Kent, so make sure you keep an eye on what she’ll be putting out in 2019!

Go listen to ‘Winter Song,’ ‘Loner Type’ and the full album Aura right now! And follow her on social media @iamclarakent!

– zimmertime

To My Soul – Jerry Folk

Norwegian producer Jerry Folk describes his style as on his Facebook “an electronic mixture of whatever inspires me”.  Recently released  “To My Soul” has on full display a variety of musical elements that move together harmoniously in a track that is just…. satisfying.


I felt myself rocking along from the beginning of the track which is driven by a simple, clear rhythm and low, soulful, relaxing lead. This lead initially brought to mind an old school Will Smith “Just the two of us” type R&B feeling and is the star of the track in my opinion.  Vocal chops, trap style rides, and a metallic-y xylophone melody splash in at the drop as the track takes on a new presence.  The seamless combination of future-based elements and soothing sounds profiles cozy together in an expertly crafted mix.

“To My Soul” is featured on Suicide Sheep (already topping 300k+ views), Majestic Casual and Too Future. Thursdays Vol. 87. You can also check it out on Jerry Folk’s SoundCloud and of course on ABAD365. Cheers.

-Alec Jach

Never Be Like You – Flume, Kai

Flume is jesus. I don’t know why I still get surprised when he kills a track, the guy is a magician when it comes to producing. “Never Be Like You” is going to be one of 2016’s hottest tracks. It is going to be on my late night post as well because the peoples need to hear it.


Say Something – Karen Harding (Zac Samuel Remix)

Anyone Studying? Use the power of this song to get that 3.0 that we all strive for.

Let’s go over the essentials for a song posted:

Perfect Vocals √

Dope Ass Beat √

Frat? √

This song has all of the components of being a banger/study song/pregame jam/bumpin car ride tune. Zac Samuel did work with this remix and deserves a Grammy for Album of the Year and the entire album is just this song. Enjoy peoples