Welcome to Bump Town: 5 Tunes

Recently I have stumbled on some bump worthy tunes, some old and some new but all make you feel like Antonio Brown putting a kicker….


Tchami is the Alec Baldwin of making club jamz. He brings it to the next level with amped up sounds that words cannot describe. If you put on Transformers and skipped all the shitty love story stuff Tchami’s music would sound exactly like the movie.

Deep house central right here, this sound is taking over the world. Once rich white kids play this it’s all over…

If you want some new sounds check out Watermat because this French DJ brings it. Sucks that he is French but I’ll take it because the tracks he creates are Barcelona ready

If you were alive in 2015 then you heard this original track, Nora En Pure takes it in a different path with this remix. An orchestra and Saxophones are nothing to complain about in house music today… this is beautiful production work

I am only posting this song because it was played at Tomorrowworld a lot… like a lot a lot and you can tell why. It gets the kids moving. Play this track when you’re making some kid cry in Fifa, hopefully he rage quits