Semple Sessions – Tony Soul

Welcome back, fellow music lovers. Today, we have local Pittsburgh rapper Tony Soul in the studio with us.

T56-nightsony’s been rapping and making music since he was 11 living on the streets of Pittsburgh. In his gritty verses, he takes us through the daily reality of growing up in the city, rapping about things he seen and heard. His style is heavily influenced by horrorcore rap, especially his rap idol Eminem, and the harshness of his lines is in line with his subject matter. Much like Eminem and his peers, Tony’s lines have ample shock value, but never simple for the sake of shock. His lines are never without a deeper meaning behind the words.deep-soul

In this session, we discuss how his upbringing, especially his lack of a father figure, inspired him to delve deep into his creative spirit. We talk about how music has changed his outlook on everything and how he wants to inspire young people the same way the music inspired him as a youth.

Thanks for watching and reading, everyone. We’ll be back again soon. Check out the music, and give us a share if you support the movement. See you all next time.




Semple Sessions – Linwood

linwoodHello again, everyone! Well, summer’s now officially over, and that means getting back into the swing of things with school and life shit, you know how it is. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be dropping new sessions at least once a month, taking our time to make sure they’re as dope as can be.

Today, we have another talented, young performer with us, rapper-producer Linwood Randolph.

In the next coming weeks, Linwood will be dropping his freshman project, Summer Night Vice[s]. With this debut, he’s introducing himself to the world, making moves in the local rap scene alongside his crew, the Serene Team. As a rapper that produces his own tracks, his sound is explosive and experimental, explore themes of nighttime lust, vices and young love.

In the two tracks he features on today’s session, Rush and Selfish, he explores melodies in addition to spitting verses, mixing trippy samples with synthesizers and modulated hooks. The beats take many unexpected turns, keeping listeners on their toes. Inspired heavily by artists such as Drake and The Weeknd, Linwood uses his voice as an instrument as much as a method to deliver his rhymes.

Lyrically, he explores subjects such as his imperfections, his vices and, of course, the women in his life. As he said in the session, he’ll definitely be getting some text messages when the project drops.

Be sure to keep your ears glued to his Soundcloud when his project drops if you like what you hear. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook to keep tabs on his releases.

Thanks for watching and reading, everyone. We’ll see you again soon.

– Shuggie


Semple Sessions – Tairey and Sam Conturo

Today, we have a special double-header edition of Semple Sessions. On the couch with us, we have rapper/producer Tairey and producer/sound engineer Sam Conturo. The talented dynamic duo have been working together on music since they were both back in high school.

Tairey Perez JENESIS Magazine Gregory Neiser Poster

A poster for Tairey’s tour with Kirko Bangz

Now, seven years and three mixtapes later, the two of them are rising stars in the local Pittsburgh hip-hop scene, having just returned from a sprawling tour of the country. Sam Conturo records and mixes new tracks at the ID Labs studio for some of the Pittsburgh scene’s most prevalent artists, and Tairey’s music that the two of them produce together regularly gets tens of thousands of views on Soundcloud.

In the session, we discuss how Tairey and Sam met and began working together, what they learned on tour, and how they began to take their careers to the next level.

As always, if you dig the music, please check out Tairey’s music on his website and spread the word through social media. Every click helps!

Thanks for watching, everyone! See you next time.



Semple Sessions – Connor Duddy

We’re finally back with Semple Sessions! New episodes will now be released on Fridays, scaling back from two videos a week to one. Today, we have audio engineer/producer extraordinaire Connor Duddy with us.

Connor’s been DJ-ing shows and producing beats for eight years now. His Soundcloud displays a litany of beats he’s produced as well as collaborations with other artists.

In today’s session, he previews several beats from his project, The Tiny Tape. He also created an entire beat from scratch with us on Semple Street (which is now available to hear on his Soundcloud). Augustun stopped in to drop a quick freestyle to close out the session.


Connor DJ-ing a set at Alter Bar, opening for Chris Webby with Augustun and Akono Miles

As always, if you like what you hear, please check out his music, his website (professional inquiries especially welcome!) and please help spread the word. Every click helps, and we appreciate having you all with us. Thanks for watching, everyone! See you next Friday.


Semple Sessions – PK Delay

Welcome back, everyone. We’re here with Pittsburgh rapper, PK Delay, with an all-new session. Be sure to follow him on Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube and check out his official website for more info.

Fresh off his latest mixtape, DadUntitled-2, PK Delay is well on his way to setting the city afire with his latest music. We discuss his latest mixtape and the Bow Wow concert that inspired him to become a rapper in the first place.

PK Delay told us that the D.A.D. (an acronym for Doing All Deeds) movement represents the bossed up individual that we all want to become, being completely in control of one’s life and unafraid to do all the things that one wants to do.

It’s dad year, everybody. Come celebrate with us.


P.S. I know I’ve been late with the sessions this week. I’ll make it up to you next week. New episode Monday, and then we’ll be back on schedule. Thank you for your patience.

Semple Sessions – David Truman


David performing with The Mellophants at The Smiling Moose on Pittsbutgh’s Southside on Jan. 2nd of this year

Today, we have one of my favorite musicians and one of my favorite people, the fantastic David Truman (formerly) of the band The Mellophants.


He truly pours his heart and soul into his music. And he’s constantly experimenting and growing as an artist. More than anyone else I know, David speaks his mind and expresses
his views on life, no matter how controversial they may or may not be. He has a lot to say, and music gives him a platform to express it.

PSIMG_3632He’s been creating music for many years, having been in two bands previously, The Mellophants and Off the Record. I’ve been able to witness his transformation from then until now and his growth has truly been exponential.


David’s first full-length LP, Stay Awake and Dream by The Mellophants

Stay Awake and Dream, the first studio album he recorded with The Mellophants, has a special place in my heart, I really feel connected with the music. I get nostalgic just listening to it. I cannot recommend it enough.

Dave and Pat.jpg

David Truman (right) and Patrick Fabila (left) from The Mellophants

In today’s session, we discussed his upcoming solo EP and hear a preview of two songs from t
he release. David tells us his creative goals for his upcoming project and music i
n general. He also tells us how psychedelics gave him new perspective into how music affects an audience and creates an atmosphere.

This fall, he’s moving across the pond to the UK with his fiancee to study theoretical physics and perform music over there. He said he wants to create a band called Harry Truman and the Atomics. So great things are ahead.

Thanks for watching, everyone! I was late with this one, but we’ll be back with a new session Wednesday, so be on the lookout for that.Be sure to get out The Mellophants on Bandcamp and on Soundcloud.




Semple Sessions – Bonus Freestyle Edition

Hey there, music fans! We have a treat for you today: a special edition of Semple Sessions featuring previously unreleased freestyles from our sessions with Kid Swizzy and T.Y.D.E.S.

In today’s Session, we featured Akono Miles, Kid Swizzy, T.Y.D.E.S., Moyo and Augustun taking turns to drop dope freestyles.

We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled Semple Sessions this Sunday with the fantastic David Truman, so stay tuned.

Thanks for listening everyone! Shuggie out.

Semple Sessions – Jet

Welcome back, ABAD listeners! Pittsburgh’s own Serene team joins us once again. This time, rapper-producer Jet stops by to debut a few tracks off his latest EP Cold Cuts.

During the session, Jet revealed to us that he was first inspired to start rapping at age 7 when he was challenged by a friend to rap. The rest, as they say, is history. His passion for performing with his crew is what has led him to try and take his career to the next level. His goal is to help curate local artists of all varieties and inspire them to work together to achieve the next big thing.

His first EP, Cold Cuts, is comprised of five tracks, two of which are self-produced. His style is chill and laid back. He’s trying to create a relaxing vibe with his music.

Be sure to check out his music on SoundCloud if you like what you hear, and check out Serene team’s official SoundCloud here. Follow him on Twitter @JetHaley, Instagram @Noliawhite and Snapchat @jet-stone.

Thanks for tuning in and supporting local artists. We appreciate each and every one of you watching. Hope to see you again on Wednesday.

– Shuggie

Next up: Singer/songwriter/musician/rock star/all-around awesome dude David Truman, formerly of the psychadelic rock band The Mellophants

Semple Sessions – T.Y.D.E.S.

We’re back with yet another new session! Today, we welcome rapper T.Y.D.E.S. from the local collective Problem Children, alongside the producers that craft the Children’s sound, Nerve and B-one. Check out their music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, including their latest mixtape The Message.

This session got real. We start off discussing what it is that inspired Tydes to start rappinThe Message - Problem Children Mixtapeg (turns out it was thanks in part to listening to 50 Cent with his father on a road trip). We discuss the legacy he wants to leave behind with music and his desire to keep things simple, while still speaking to important subjects.

Later in the video, following some great freestyling from the man himself, we discuss what the city of Pittsburgh means to him from his personal experience. Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Tydes’ perception of the city comes from a genuine place, viewing the city for the gritty city that it can be. “The city can build you up, but it can also tear you down”, Tydes said.

The Problem Children have big things coming for them. Be sure to check out their latest project before they blow up, so you can tell everyone you were there first. The Message, a nine-song mixtape produced entirely by Nerve and B-one, contains no features. All the words are spoken by Tydes. It covers a lot of subject matter, from lost loved ones to the city of Pittsburgh to turning up and feeling good off a “blunt and a beat”.

That’s it for today, everyone. We’ll leave you with Tydes words, “You can do anything. Just go get it.” I’ll be damned if those words aren’t the truest words spoken on these sessions.

Keep up with the Problem Children on your social media outlet of choice, either TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

Keep creating, everyone. See you Sunday.

– Shuggie

Next up: Rapper Jet from the Serene Team

Semple Sessions – Laila

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today, the talented local folk singer-songwriter Laila joins us on Semple Street with her acoustic guitar and a few new tunes, including a preview to an unreleased track.

Laila’s been singing since early childhood, and it shows in her talent for melodies and songwriting. She’s been releasing songs on heUntitled-1r Soundcloud for the past year, and she’s set to drop a new EP sometime in the coming months. Her musical and lyrical influences include the indie folk band Daughter and the indie rock band The Front Bottoms.

She describes her songwriting as storytelling. Beyond telling her own personal story, she strives to tell the stories of multiple friends and acquaintances put into one song. She often explores the relatable subject matter of failed romance and lost love.

Be sure to check out her Soundcloud for the latest releases, and stay tuned to Semple Sessions for a new episode this Wednesday! Thanks again for tuning in, much love to yinz.


Next up: Pittsburgh Rapper Tydes from the Problem Children