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New Music From Marcus Salvator

“Phone taught me how to live now
Dad taught his youngin’ how to walk out
Home taught a boy how to not doubt
School taught our country how to drop out
Television showed me how to buy things
Elections showed me payoffs that a lie brings”

M. Salvator

“Bleach Bomb”, Marcus Salvator’s latest single, brings an energetic hype while sending an important message. Listen here and check out an exclusive interview below:

We sat down with Pittsburgh’s own Marcus Salvator to talk about his latest single “Bleach Bomb”

This is another single you have decided to drop in the past couple months, is there a type of message you’re trying to portray with these tracks?

The message is really a reflection of my experience of current events.  I’m trying to catalog what’s happening and make one of those time machine capsules you put under the ground in kindergarten and 10 years later you come back and say “holy shit”, I was right.

Can we expect a project in the near future?
A project is always in the works. I’m very hype for 2017, and something or something(s) will be coming.
What have you been up to outside of creating your own music. we know that you also mess around with photography and film?
Outside of music I’ve been reading Dante and Hemingway, becoming an instagram photographer on the side, and working on a few passion projects in film.  Everything connects because its just another extension of similar feelings being expressed in the music.  What’s fun, challenging, and straight up frustrating about working through different mediums is that each one requires a different dominant sense.  Music is my ears, photography is my eyes, writing is my cortex (sure that’s in everything), but at the end of the day its the same vision.
Can you tell us some of the artists that have influenced your most recent music?
Who’s influenced my recent music? Definitely The Clash and Kanye, some Nat King Cole, and Kendrick. I don’t keep up too much with new shit anymore because its exhausting. I’d rather sit with an artist and experience their entire vibe before I move on and listen to “this week’s hottest track”. I like to find music on my own time rather than being swept up by the immediate trend. I keep up with soundcloud producers more than any recent songwriter because I’d rather read a Langston Hughes poem or hear one of Weezy’s 16s, than hear a decent rapper’s reiteration of the same topics said better before (there are dope new cats, just haven’t gotten too deep into it yet).

What do you think of the Pittsburgh music scene in the present day?
Pittsburgh’s music scene has so much potential it hurts me to watch it and know the music isn’t reaching a larger audience yet. What we need in Pittsburgh is for our existing talent to “do it all the way”, and just make it happen, because we can. Its more than being a musician today. Anyone can sound good, download loops, or master how to write the perfect amount of syllables for a verse that flows, what I think Pittsburgh has the potential to do, is create well-rounded artists and thinkers.rse that flows, what I think Pittsburgh has the potential to do, is create well-rounded artists and thinkers.

A Day In The Life: Short Video

We recently partnered up with Reviving Real ( check them out here: ) to spotlight Pittsburgh Producer Jeremy Rosinger and his debut album “10:57”. This video was filmed by Pittsburgh artist, Marcus Salvatore with help from Jenny Sommer. This video is a favorite of ours because it highlights a lot of the dope shit happening in the music scene in Pittsburgh with young local artists. Enjoy

Check out Jeremey’s Debut album “10:57” here:

Artist Spotlight: Jeremy Rosinger



I was able to chat with producer Jeremy Rosinger who is dropping his first project and we were able to talk influences, styles and beats. Shouts to Reviving Real for the bringing Jeremy and this dope project our way , head to their site here (

Read up and listen to the album “10:57” below


Lets start off with the basic producer question, how do you yourself start a beat? Do you have a groove in your head already and you start messing around on your pad or does it come from some type of inspiration or experience?:

“I’d love to meet a producer who has one answer to this question. Sometimes I’ll start with just a snare I like and build from there. Sometimes I hear a sample that inspires me. My best music, however, comes from times I hear a new song or album that resonates with me. Nothing compares to hearing new music– it makes me want to create my own.”

I know you said you just graduated college 2 weeks ago and are ready to drop an album… lets talk about the concept of “10:57” and the how it came about

“The time, 10:57, is a reference to the exact length of the project. It is short and to the point with constant changes. But going deeper, time in general is a strange concept, it’s something we created to keep order. I want to stop watching the clock, though. I want to stop letting life pass by without appreciating it, which is not an easy task. While listening to my project, for a brief moment, I hope people stop watching the clock.. making the title and artwork a bit ironic.”


I noticed in “take the stairs” there are a ton of real sounds incorporated in the track. Did you record those sounds like the coin and the door squeaking open and closed?

“Yes! I’m glad you noticed that. “take the stairs” came about during a project for one of my music technology courses. We were supposed to record a song with a certain amount of instruments, but I’m more into sampling. So I went around with a pair of microphones and recorded a bunch of miscellaneous sounds. Everything in the beat aside from the chords you hear were recorded by myself and sampled into the song. The snare is a handful of almonds being tossed into a red solo cup.”

Can you tell us some of your biggest influences in music? If I were to ask who you bump on your studio headphones on a regular basis who would it be?

“Terrace Martin and Isaiah Rashad are two of my biggest influences right now. Terrace because of his versatility; I read about him producing Herbie Hancock and YG’s albums at the same time. He’s also a dope sax player, which was the instrument I studied at school. Isaiah has a vibe that cannot be touched; if there’s one artist I could sit down with right now, it’d be him.”

Clockwork//Butter might be my favorite record on this album, do you let a beat like this develop over a couple of days/weeks or do you sit down and don’t get up until its done?

“clockwork // butter” wasn’t originally intended to be one song, it was actually two completely separate beats for a while. One day I tried transitioning one into the other and it just worked. I don’t think any of my tracks are ever ‘finished,’ but the second half of this track was made, for the most part, in one sitting.”


If you could work with any musician in the industry who would it be?

“As I mentioned earlier, I’d love to work with Isaiah Rashad. At this point in my career though, I’d be honored if any artist wanted to sit down with me.”

Whats in store for the future once this album drops? Any performances/collabs happening soon?

“For now I want to focus on the present. But I can assure you that there is more to come!”

Jeremy’s Soundcloud:


Music is life,


Year End in Hip-Hop: Top Albums

Its 2017 and ABAD is good at being timely. This write up was created by a good friend of ours, Miles, who is not only a dope-ass artist but he knows his music. Here is a list of top albums in 2016 with artwork created by the man Miles as well:



  1. Untitled Unmastered, Kendrick Lamar

What is there to say about this album that hasn’t already been said? At a lean eight tracks, Kendrick basically double underlined what he taught us in 2015: King Kunta reigns supreme.

Notable Songs: Untitled 03, Untitled 07


  1. Blank Face LP, ScHoolboy Q

This album really was/is a treat. A good mix of nostalgic LA hip hop (Big Body, Dope Dealer), H Y P E music (THat Part, JoHn Muir) and “conscious” story telling. (Black THougHts, THat Part Black Hippy Remix) As of the writing of this article eight out of seventeen songs have music videos, of all shapes sizes and colors, from the 22 minute Short film, comprised of three different music videos (with other songs included for background and split second cameos) to the colorful, trippy, groovy Miguel track that I’m sure we will all be sick of come summertime.

Notable Songs: Kno Ya Wrong, Tookie Knows II


  1. Lemonade, Beyonce

YAAAAAAAAASSSSS QUEEEN. If you got fucking sick of hearing that this year, thats too bad. Beyonce is here to stay. Follow up to her massively successful eponymous album, Lemonade is an amazing genre blend of hip hop, R&B, Rock and roll and smashing windshields with baseball bats. Its also basically a huge middle finger to Jay-Z; no longer is the dynasty his.

Notable Songs: Don’t Hurt Yourself, 6 Inch


  1. The Life Of Pablo, Kanye West

Oh, Kanye. This album is connected to a lot of key moments this year. Ultra Light Beam on SNL. Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden. The world realizing that Taylor Swift is a snake. Facts (Charlie Heat Version). Need I go on?

Notable Songs: 30 Hours, Famous


  1. A Seat At The Table, Solange

When Solange announced she was dropping an album this year a lot of people thought it would be Lemonade pt 2. Imagine their surprise when this album was more in the vein of To Pimp A Butterfly. Solange didn’t invent being unapologetically black, but she did create a pretty great soundtrack to do so to.

Notable Songs: Mad, Don’t Touch My Hair


  1. Cozy Tapes, A$AP MOB

Nearly two years after the death of A$AP Mob founder, A$AP Yams, the long awaited Cozy Tape Vol. 1 finally released in October of 2016. It’s 100% Bangers. With the exception of a skit or two, this entire album slaps. Featuring all the A$AP members you know and love (Rocky, Ferg, Twelvyy, Nast, etc) as well as pretty much everyone who has been popping off in the last few years from Tyler, the Creator to BJ The Chicago Kid to newcomers like Lil Boat and Lil Uzi Vert. Its good shit, man.

Notable Songs: London Town, Telephone Calls


  1. Yes Lawd! – NxWorries

2016 has been Anderson .Paak’s year, if no one else. Hot off of being heavily featured on the long awaited third Dr. Dre album, he released his second solo album, Malibu, made an appearance on just about every hit juke jam this summer. I thought about including Malibu on this list (its still a good record), but it is far out-shined by this album YES LAWD!, from Anderson .Paak as the soulful yet dirty mouthed, MC and Knxwledge, the Producer whose songs drip with an old school aura, wrapped in an almost vaporware flair. If this list was top albums to have sex to 2016, this would be number one.

Notable Songs: Suede, Fkku


  1. Telefone – Noname

You probably heard about Noname from her Chance The Rapper features too. Chi-town born and bred, Noname is not a female rapper-she’s just a rapper. Quiet and soft spoken, yet slinging complex rhymes loaded with heavy ideas, she almost evokes an Andre 3000 like aura. She’s not afraid to rap about things most people wouldn’t talk about, with a light that most people wouldn’t dare. Noname said it best herself: This album sounds like kiddies on the playground when momma was running up (ooouuu you about to get your ass beat)

Notable Songs: Diddy Bop, Sunny Duet


  1. Coloring Book – Chance The Rapper

This boy just cant stop. After releasing his third mixtape in May, and becoming a father at some point before that, Chance has since appeared on Saturday Night Live a total of three times, he created a unique live experience for his hometown of Chicago, performed at the Fifth Camp Flog Gnaw carnival, as well as across the country and the world. Still unsigned, still unwaveringly positive, still 100% Chancellor, Chance the Rapper represents a major change in the music industry that will take some time to fully implement itself.

Notable Songs: Smoke Break, Juke Jam



  1. The Sun’s Tirade – Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad was one of those names I had definitely heard of but couldn’t name a single song of. Probably because up until recently his only release was a single EP from back in 2014. The Sun’s Tirade is Rashad’s debut LP on the TDE label, home to Kendrick Lamar, SZA and Jay Rock (all of whom make appearances) making this the launchpad from which Rashad enters his spot light. There are also featured appearances from The Internet’s Syd, as well as Kari Faux which both make me very excited for future collaborations.

Notable Songs: Park, Wat’s Wrong


  1. Cashmere – Swet Shop Boyz

A weird supergroup composed of a former member of NYC rap group Das Racist, and a critically acclaimed british actor/rapper; Heems and Riz MC rap about race relations in a post 9/11 world with a perspective often over looked in Hip Hop. You can also catch Riz MC in Star Wars Rouge One, and in the HBO Mini Series The Night Of, which also premiered this year. (I could write a whole other article about Riz MC alone, do yourself a favor and catch up with his work.)

Notable Songs: Zayn Malik, Shoes Off

  1. The Divine Feminine – Mac Miller

Say what you will about Mac Miller, he’s consistent. He released a killer mixtape in 2014, his first major label album in 2015, and in 2016 he does a bit of a pivot. At 11 tracks, this album is on the short but sweet side, emphasis on sweet. Mac’s production is pulsating and clean; his flows are refreshed, sideways and unexpected. His lyrics are dirtier and more explicit than ever and probably shouldn’t be played in the car with your moms; but not in an Eminem/Tyler the Creator way, but in more of a “vivid descriptions of pussy eating” kind of way.

Notable Songs: Planet God Damn, Stay

  1. Lost En Los Angeles – Kari Faux

After being remixed on Childish Gambino’s 2014 tape, STN MTN, Donald moved Kari Faux out to Los Angeles for a year while she worked on her debut album. Honest and straightforward as ever, Kari lays bare her insecurities in the intro track, and then without even missing a beat, candy colored production and dizzying swagger take you away into the album, not stopping until the very end, leaving you wanting more.

Notable Songs: Nothing 2 Lose, Don’t

  1. Blonde – Frank Ocean

Another album that is the product of the fight against the “music industry”, this album’s release was preceded by a visual album that fulfilled Frank Ocean’s various contract obligations, allowing him to release his REAL second album as an independent release. More conceptual than 2012’s Channel Orange, Blonde is really more of an R&B album than a hip hop release. Some thought that its genre classification would be cleared up when it was to be inevitably nominated for a grammy, which it was not, as Frank Ocean specifically did not file for it to be considered, despite it qualifying.

Notable Songs: Nights, Self Control

  1. Prima Donna – Vince Staples

After releasing his debut double LP Summertime ’06, in 2015, nobody really expected Vince Staples to release an EP not even a year later, complete with a ten minute long short film that features every song on the release and ties together and gives context to the theme of the album and what seems to be one of the themes of 2016: Fuck the traditional “music industry”.

Notable Songs: Big Time, War Ready

G Baby’s 5 Faves of 2016


2016 was a rollercoaster year for music.  We had to deal with the losses of so many great musicians.  But on the positive note, we were blessed with new music from many of the best new artists and legends alike.  This year featured releases from powerhouses like Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, and The Weeknd.  We also saw newer artists like The Chainsmokers and Chance The Rapper really break out and start taking over their respective genres, getting their music out to the masses to wide acclaim.  We saw DJ Khaled taking the world by storm on Snapchat equate to huge album sales.  The Broadway show Hamilton was such a huge hit, artists from all genres collaborated on a mixtape that was as good as any collection of music put out this year.  The year also brought us new music from legendary acts like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Metallica, and David Bowie.  And all people around my age were able to step back to our angsty teenage years with new projects from Sum 41, Blink-182, and Green Day.  Truly a remarkable year for music.  With all the music I listened to, there was so much I liked that it was very difficult to pin down my 5 favorite projects.  But I came up with a list that I think represents the best of what 2016 had to offer me.  That said, I have to mention a few that were absolutely great that just missed the cut: Isaiah Rashad’s “The Sun’s Tirade,” Travis Scott’s “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight,” and J Cole’s “4 Your Eyez Only.”  Without further ado, my 5 favorite albums of 2016 are:

5) ScHoolboy Q- Blank Face LP

This album straight up bumps.  Q brings that infectious gangster music that is somewhat lost in today’s hip-hop scene.  The album is groovy, with songs like “Big Body” and “Dope Dealer” guaranteed to get people moving.  It features artists like Kanye, Anderson Paak, and Jadakiss, but never feels like it’s not a ScHoolboy album.  He maintains control and provides a very cohesive project that proves he is TDE’s number 2 behind Kendrick.

4) Jon Bellion- The Human Condition

If you had told me before the year that Jon Bellion’s album would make my top 5 list at the end of the year, I’d have said that was highly unlikely.  But man did this kid bring the heat on his debut album.  Bellion isn’t really like any artist out there.  His music is a blend of pop, rap, and soul.  He kind of does it all really.  His music is for lovers of all music, and there really isn’t a better compliment I could give him.  I loved this album when it came out and love it just as much when I listen to it now.  A top 5 album this year for sure.

3) A Tribe Called Quest- We got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your service

After the passing of Phife Dawg, the world wasn’t sure what would become of A Tribe Called Quest.  They hadn’t put out music in years and now they were down a man.  The 25th anniversary of their classic album “The Low End Theory” was coming up and still no plans were made for a celebration.  Then rumors started spreading and just like that, ATCQ dropped what become one of the best albums of 2016.  It is a masterpiece.  A send-off to Phife, yet he leaves his mark all over the album.  A goodbye to rap, but a well constructed project that doesn’t sound rushed at all.  I didn’t really know what to expect when I first pressed play, but whatever those expectations were, these dudes surpassed them.

1) Chance The Rapper- Coloring Book

Not really much of a surprise here.  Chance absolutely dominated 2016, crushing guest features on songs from Kanye, Macklemore, Skrillex, and more.  Oh, and he put out his third mixtape that just about blew every other album out of the water.  His gospel-influenced instrumentals, intelligent wordplay, and surprisingly melodic singing all combine to make this year’s best album.  I’ve been listening to it year round and have no intentions of stopping.  By the way, all of Chance’s music is free.  And he’s doing this all on his own…independent from any label.  Chance is a remarkable artist and an even more remarkable human being.  I look forward to so much more from this kid in the very bright future.

1) Anderson Paak- Malibu

“Garrett, you just told us Chance had the best album of 2016, how can Anderson Paak be number 1 too?”  Because this is my list and I make the rules.  I have two number 1 albums this year because I have listened to each of these albums countless times and I honestly can’t decide which I like best.  They’re so unique from each other, it felt right naming them both number 1 anyway.  If Chance was this year’s MVP, Anderson Paak was a close second.  He was everywhere, featured on numerous albums and songs throughout the year.  His voice is so special and unique and his music has a vibe like nothing else on the market right now.  You throw this on and you immediately feel like you’re in south Cali, chilling on the beach with the water at your feet.  “Malibu” is an album you need in your life if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to it already.

And that is my year end wrap-up.  Hope you all have wonderful 2017s.  Maybe I’ll check in on you throughout the year.  Long Live Music. Till next time. Deuces.

G Baby

Big Sean brings the heat


Yesterday, Big Sean dropped two new songs in the spirit of Halloween.  They did not disappoint.  First off, we have “No More Interviews.”  In this song, Sean displays some impressive lyrical maneuvering throughout.  Furthermore, he talks about all topics ranging from his ex to beef with Kid Cudi to his feelings on the state of rap.  Songs like this from Sean prove to me that he is absolutely one of the most improved artist over the past few years.

Next is a song called “Bounce Back” and is produced by everyone’s favorite Young Metro.  This one sounds like it’ll end up on an upcoming album from the Detroit native.  Sean flexes his muscle with some varying flows that he experiments with.  This has a smooth, party vibe to it.


G Baby

Sunday RnR: Halloween


Hello goblins and ghouls, or whatever that joke is supposed to be. It’s Halloween, everyone’s favorite holiday for some reason, probably because depending on your age range you’re getting lots of candy or shit faced, also probably your favorite thing depending on your age range. Anyway, ya boy’s got the stomach flu, so I have no idea if this is an entirely appropriate Halloween type playlist, but you’re just gonna have to roll with it on this one. Rock and Roll with it. Haha. I’m sorry. It’s been a weird couple days. Just do the music.


Unofficial NEW Release: Oliver Heldens – Good Life ft.Ida Corr

This is the good life.

I think you’re crazy if you wouldn’t trade places with THE Oliver Heldens and what he’s doing right this instant.

This guy is simply incredible. He posts an hour mix on his Heldeep Radio every single week and has been doing an hour mix weekly for over two years. Meanwhile, he has been all over the world touring in North America, Europe, Asia, and God knows where else.

Simply put, Oliver Heldens also known as Hi-Lo is a work horse. He is single handedly changing the game in the electronic music dance industry. He is not afraid to put out bass boomers with no vocals that are straight up jams like his fairly recent single Flamingo.

Then, he’ll spin out a majestic, vocal, disco, dance along song like we heard in his mix Shades of Grey. This is exactly what he does here with Good Life – his newest release.

I promise you that this will be an instant feel good hit. It’s groovy baby.



New Music: Filter Face – Wetbrain


Last week I was sent some pretty ill music. This is the kinda music I need in my life, full of energy and in your face. This comes from one of our Philly contributors Brian on Wetbrain and their latest single “Filter Face”

Funk is something that you do not usually hear in today’s music. Funk has transformed in many genres ranging from pop, edm, and most prevalently in hip-hop. When I hear Filter Face by Wetbrain I am welcomed by a groovy drum roll by Branden King which makes me know that something good is about to happen. Guitarist Andrew Haff and bassist Mat Antonia set the tone of this funky and groovy tune with a rhythmic vibe that leads the listener to wanting to move their head back and forth. After feeling the groove, Matthew Del Rio pulls the listener in with his aggressive lyrical delivery. Filter Face is something that reminds you of the 80s and would have definitely been blasted in night clubs, but it’s good to hear the hook “Hey Let It Go, Pain is all I know, God tell me so, Pushin my back up against the wall” in harmonic unison. If you are looking for a funky jam with old school vibes and modern rap lyrics check out Filter Face by Wetbrain.




Music is Life,