‘The Fool’ by The Hills and the Rivers

A sweet melody opens up with guitar, followed by timely violin and banjo.

The three instrumental pieces combined with double vocals makes this such a memorable piece.

I’d rather be the magician than the fool, but this song was too good not to highlight for today’s beat.

The Hills and the Rivers (Pittsburgh ya dig) released their latest album The Fool and The Magician on May 18, 2018.

Love the truth as much as you love yourself and others, and you will no longer be the fool.

OR to continue NOT being a fool, check out The Hills and the Rivers on all streaming platforms and check out ‘The Magician’ – a song and music video below!


‘Buffalo Rose’ by Buffalo Rose

“I’ll be your Soldier and you’ll be my Buffalo Rose.”

I recently gave Buffalo Rose a listen and I immediately jumped in. Long car rides with soothing sounds are meant for each other.

A unique take on folk and bluegrass, I am making it a point to see Buffalo Rose early in 2019:

The Drop: New Local Music – Conscience, Courtesy, Laila and more

New music’s been dropping like crazy lately. But while we’ve all been listening to Frank Ocean’s fantastic new albums, our Semple Session family has been pumping out releases on Soundcloud. The stars seem to have aligned to give us all this great new music at once, so I created The Drop to help make sure local music doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Conscience – The Transition

Coming hot off his album, The Settlement, released this past February, Conscience has been putting in work. His latest project, The Transition, is the next step in his evolution. His fiery, old-school style brings a different perspective to the hip-hop scene.

Stand-out Tracks: “All Day” and “300”

Bonus: His Semple Session was the very first!

Courtesy – UPTOWN

Talented rapper-producer Courtesy has released his latest project, Uptown, this past week. He produced or co-produced every single track on the diverse album, featuring live instrumentation in addition to sampling.

Stand-out Tracks: “Mamma” and “Benji”

Lili Traviato – Let It Spin

Lili Traviato is a talented songwriter, and she really stretches her wings on this latest track, “Let It Spin”. This song has a very different sound from much of her previous, acoustic-guitar work. Instead, she’s singing over a groovy electronic beat. Every song of hers tells a story, and this one is no exception.

Bonus: An old favorite of mine from The Mellophant’s album latest December featured Lili. She’s also another former Semple Session guest. Check her session out here.

Montell Fish – As We Walk Into Forever

Montell Fish’s latest project, As We Walk Into Forever, is a mixture of alternative hip-hop and pop that explores introspective themes. The entire project is produced by Montell Fish himself. Each song on the album sounds different, a testament to Montell’s abilities as a producer.

Laila – maybe, maybe

Singer-songwriter Laila Fahim, yet another Semple Session alum, released the final version of a song she previewed with us in her session. The studio version is very different from her live acoustic rendition.

Bonus: She posted an electronic remix of the song from producer Emerson Jay. Check it out below.

Fossil Jane –  will you/you will EP

Fossil Jane’s latest release, will you/you will, an alternative rock EP that takes influences from folk music and lo-fi bedroom pop and features multi-layered songwriting. Check out her Semple Session here.


That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for joining us. We’ll be keeping you updated on new releases from our Semple crew and beyond. Semple Sessions will return with new episodes soon. A lot’s in the works here at ABAD, be sure to stay tuned.



Semple Sessions – Laila

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today, the talented local folk singer-songwriter Laila joins us on Semple Street with her acoustic guitar and a few new tunes, including a preview to an unreleased track.

Laila’s been singing since early childhood, and it shows in her talent for melodies and songwriting. She’s been releasing songs on heUntitled-1r Soundcloud for the past year, and she’s set to drop a new EP sometime in the coming months. Her musical and lyrical influences include the indie folk band Daughter and the indie rock band The Front Bottoms.

She describes her songwriting as storytelling. Beyond telling her own personal story, she strives to tell the stories of multiple friends and acquaintances put into one song. She often explores the relatable subject matter of failed romance and lost love.

Be sure to check out her Soundcloud for the latest releases, and stay tuned to Semple Sessions for a new episode this Wednesday! Thanks again for tuning in, much love to yinz.


Next up: Pittsburgh Rapper Tydes from the Problem Children

Semple Sessions – Fossil Jane

Hey everyone! On today’s Semple Session, we have singer-songwriter Olivia Price, aka Fossil Jane. She has an intimate, low-fi sound and lyrics that illuminate her personal life. We discuss her creative process, which she says involves delving into the depths of her subconscious and finding out why she feels the way she does. She’s been picking up her solo career under the name Fossil Jane, but she has also been a part of many other projects and bands over the past few years.

Check out her solo SoundCloud here, and also check out her songs with her bands, including Flowers De Moon, here.

This is Semple Sessions with Fossil Jane.

Next time on Semple Sessions, we have Eli Waters in the studio with us. Stay tuned for that.

Thanks for watching!