‘Your Father, Rest His Sould’ by Her Ladyship

It was a Thursday a ways back in 2018, and my girlfriend and I had ventured up to Troy Hill to Scratch Food and Beverage for a dinner date. The food was top notch as were the cocktails.

But the reason I remember this night so vividly is because Her Ladyship sang and played some of the most beautiful folk music we have ever heard. I remember there being an audience of about 10 people, and it blew my mind that their talent and sound was heard by so few people that night. A part of me felt so lucky to have been able to hear them, but a part of me also felt anguish that so many were missing out. We actually stumbled upon the show, and for that I am grateful.


Since that summer month, the Pittsburgh based indie-folk band has released their album Her Ladyship and have played many shows since. I attended a show of theirs at the Wiggle Whiskey Barrelhouse, and I was ecstatic to see such an amazing, well deserved turnout – the garden was packed!


It was very difficult for me to choose a song off their album, but today’s feature is ‘Your Father, Rest His Soul.’ It’s my favorite of theirs performed live, so for that reason it is today’s beat. Go listen on Spotify right now!

And go learn more about Her Ladyship @ https://www.herladyshipmusic.com and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram @herladyshipmusic

The feels are too real.

– zimmertime


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