‘On Me’ by Treble NLS

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the first 5 seconds of ‘On Me’ is a close up shot of an artist, Treble NLS in this scenario, with a glowing spotlight following him as he walks out on the stage for a head lining performance of a life time.


Treble NLS ( Never | Lose |Sight ) recently released his debut album Reine: Story of an American Reject on December 1st and it doesn’t disappoint. 

The album tells a story from start to finish, and ‘On Me’ is the last song on the album. For good reason too. During the last few bars of ‘On Me’ he raps a powerful line on why he makes music – “…I do this to feel my existence more vividly, and stay genuine through all my engagements…”


Treble NLS declares his independence, both musically and personally, outright on this track and with vigor. It’s an upbeat, motivational hit that wraps his album up perfectly.

Go listen to the full album at the link below!




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