Artist Spotlight: Mako – Live @ Brooklyn Bowl

Mako wide shot.jpg

What happens when you combine a classically trained Juilliard grad, a DJ, soulful vocals, and an indie electronic sound?

The answer: A refreshingly unique and brilliant group called Mako… aka the most talented group you’ve never heard of.

Lead by Alex Seaver, a classically trained musician who was originally planning on joining an orchestra, Mako first entered the music scene in 2013 with their debut single Into the Light produced alongside Sander van Doorn & DubVision.

After a few releases in the progressive house / electronic dance realm like Beam, Sunburst (now I Won’t Let You Walk Away), and Our Story, Mako took a step back, and according to Seaver, began “redoing the entire notion that we were DJ’s at all and kind of using a live band now. It’s an alternative electronic thing with our new album.”

Speaking of their new album, Hourglass was released on December 9th and features an array of authentic, emotional, and uplifting tunes like Let Go of the Wheel, Way Back Home, and Craziest Day I Ever Had.

Throughout the album, Mako transcends genres and Seaver’s ability to effortlessly tell stories adds a genuine and personal layer to the music.

I had the chance to experience the above first hand this past Friday when Mako performed at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn New York.

Below are a few videos from the show, highlighting their musical range and ability to translate songs from the album into a raw, creative, and powerful performance.


Until next time,


p.s. Be sure to follow Mako on the socialsphere and catch them at a city near you





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