Louis the Child – Love is Alive ft. Elohim


Chicago bread electric duo Freddy Kennett & Robby Hauldren, better known as Louis the Child recently released their newest single “Love is Alive” featuring Elohim.

I first heard this track a few months back while seeing them play in Brooklyn NY. Upon announcing they were playing a new track at the show, the duo jumped up on their stage table and immediately assumed ‘grooving positions’… Robby with some sort of swimming motion and Freddy nodding and slowly pumping his fist. It was hard to tell, but it looked like both of them had their eyes closed, basking in the rolling bassline and encouraging vocals from Elohim.

“This song is very special to us and carries a message we feel is very important especially considering the state of our world at the moment,” Louis the Child said in an emailed statement originally reported by Billboard. “We need more love,  and we hope this song helps spread love.”

I have to say I agree. And if you think about it, things are quite simple… We’re all here together, in one big ship called the Earth zipping around the Sun at 67k mph. So while we’re along for this supersonic ride, let’s remember that no matter how disheartening and chaotic things seem, we can throw on a tune like this and embrace the unique and extraordinary love we all share for one another.

Until next time,

– Trachstar


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