New Music From Marcus Salvator

“Phone taught me how to live now
Dad taught his youngin’ how to walk out
Home taught a boy how to not doubt
School taught our country how to drop out
Television showed me how to buy things
Elections showed me payoffs that a lie brings”

M. Salvator

“Bleach Bomb”, Marcus Salvator’s latest single, brings an energetic hype while sending an important message. Listen here and check out an exclusive interview below:

We sat down with Pittsburgh’s own Marcus Salvator to talk about his latest single “Bleach Bomb”

This is another single you have decided to drop in the past couple months, is there a type of message you’re trying to portray with these tracks?

The message is really a reflection of my experience of current events.  I’m trying to catalog what’s happening and make one of those time machine capsules you put under the ground in kindergarten and 10 years later you come back and say “holy shit”, I was right.

Can we expect a project in the near future?
A project is always in the works. I’m very hype for 2017, and something or something(s) will be coming.
What have you been up to outside of creating your own music. we know that you also mess around with photography and film?
Outside of music I’ve been reading Dante and Hemingway, becoming an instagram photographer on the side, and working on a few passion projects in film.  Everything connects because its just another extension of similar feelings being expressed in the music.  What’s fun, challenging, and straight up frustrating about working through different mediums is that each one requires a different dominant sense.  Music is my ears, photography is my eyes, writing is my cortex (sure that’s in everything), but at the end of the day its the same vision.
Can you tell us some of the artists that have influenced your most recent music?
Who’s influenced my recent music? Definitely The Clash and Kanye, some Nat King Cole, and Kendrick. I don’t keep up too much with new shit anymore because its exhausting. I’d rather sit with an artist and experience their entire vibe before I move on and listen to “this week’s hottest track”. I like to find music on my own time rather than being swept up by the immediate trend. I keep up with soundcloud producers more than any recent songwriter because I’d rather read a Langston Hughes poem or hear one of Weezy’s 16s, than hear a decent rapper’s reiteration of the same topics said better before (there are dope new cats, just haven’t gotten too deep into it yet).

What do you think of the Pittsburgh music scene in the present day?
Pittsburgh’s music scene has so much potential it hurts me to watch it and know the music isn’t reaching a larger audience yet. What we need in Pittsburgh is for our existing talent to “do it all the way”, and just make it happen, because we can. Its more than being a musician today. Anyone can sound good, download loops, or master how to write the perfect amount of syllables for a verse that flows, what I think Pittsburgh has the potential to do, is create well-rounded artists and thinkers.rse that flows, what I think Pittsburgh has the potential to do, is create well-rounded artists and thinkers.

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