Sunday RnR: Jagger’s 2016 Favorites


Here we are in 2017, a new year full of new music to get excited about. But before we get started, it’s important to look back and remember the kick ass year 2016 was for music. So much good shit came out this year, and I honestly missed a lot of it. So this is a playlist with some of my favorite tracks off of some of my favorite albums or EPs from 2016. It is no real order, other than starting with Metallica because I’ve been waiting 8 years of that shit and it is a great album. A lot of bands I love put out some great stuff in 2016, be it bands I still listen to, bands that have fallen off the grid for a while mounting a come back, or fun side projects from other cool musicians. There was so much 2016 had to offer for music, it was hard to pick which artist to include in this playlist. I wrote out a huge listen of albums from this year and had a lot of heavy hitters that didn’t make the cut. I hope 2016 was a good year for you all, and hopefully 2017 is even better. If the music is as kick ass as it was this year, I think we’ll manage just fine. Rock out my friends.



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