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You know when you’re looking forward to something for a very long time, whether it’s hot date, vacation trip, new movie, etc. and you play out the “ideal” sequence of events in your head over and over?

You try and imagine yourself in the situation, the emotions and gratification you’ll feel, the possible obstacles you’ll encounter, and even the specific things you want to say / do.

Then the day finally arrives. You’re nervous, excited, and more than anything hoping the experience lives up to your expectations.

I want to narrow in on the few experiences that surpass your highest expectations. Those experiences that leave you with and sense of gratitude for having had been a part of it.

For me, the Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Madison Square Garden show was one of those experiences.

As part of their nationwide and soon to be International Shelter Tour, Porter and Madeon played back to back sold out shows at MSG November 17th and 18th. I was lucky enough to attend their second show with a few pals from college.

So rather than ramble even more about every aspect of the show, I just want to briefly run through 3 takeaways from that evening, with videos to support:

  1. Madeon’s Got Pipes

Throughout their set, Porter and Madeon (Hugo Pierre) took turns singing on their own tracks, as well as one another’s. I’ve heard Porter sing before on some of his tracks like Sad Machine, and his Shepherdess live edit, however, I hadn’t really heard Madeon.

Porter mentioned a little while back that he wasn’t revealing who was singing on his and Madeon’s collab Shelter (the tour’s title track… alliteration), but as you can see in the above video, turns out it’s clearly Madeon, who absolutely crushes the raw acoustic version of the song.

  1. Sometimes it’s Better to Embrace Ambiguity

Like most, I have a love-hate relationship with ambiguity, especially when it comes to music. We generally like hearing songs that we’re familiar with and hearing them all the way through.

That’s not Porter and Madeon’s style.

The duo masterfully weaved one another’s originals into an hour set that kept the audience in suspense and unsure what was going to come next.

A good example of this is the above video where they mashed a live edit of Madeon’s track Icarus with a version of Porter’s track Fellow Feeling which they then dropped into another live edit of Icarus at 128 bpm (much faster than the original), only to re-drop the track after 16 measures back into Fellow Feeling at 128 bpm (also much faster than the original).

You follow that?

The result was pure genius and the reaction of the crowd really tells the story. 

What a moment. 

  1. Shelter is more than a song, it’s a beautiful story

This 6-minute anime short / music video for Shelter is the product of Porter’s year long relationship with famed anime studio & platform  A-1 Studios and Crunchyroll. Porter came to them with a vision for the story behind Shelter and traveled back and forth from the US and Japan 7 times working tirelessly to bring the song to life 

And finally: I just really appreciate Porter and Hugo’s willingness to experiment and tell a story musically and visually that has never been done before. 

Their friendship is a key component to their show and the positive vibes they spread come at a time in the world when we need it most. 

Until next time,


P.S. Catch the duo on the rest of their Shelter Tour and follow them on the webisphere

Porter Robinson Social
Madeon Social
P.P.S. Porter & Hugo. If you’re still reading know I’ll never stop supporting you guys and the thoughtful and refreshing way you approach music and life. Forever a fan and more importantly a friend.

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