Unofficial NEW Release: Oliver Heldens – Good Life ft.Ida Corr

This is the good life.

I think you’re crazy if you wouldn’t trade places with THE Oliver Heldens and what he’s doing right this instant.

This guy is simply incredible. He posts an hour mix on his Heldeep Radio every single week and has been doing an hour mix weekly for over two years. Meanwhile, he has been all over the world touring in North America, Europe, Asia, and God knows where else.

Simply put, Oliver Heldens also known as Hi-Lo is a work horse. He is single handedly changing the game in the electronic music dance industry. He is not afraid to put out bass boomers with no vocals that are straight up jams like his fairly recent single Flamingo.

Then, he’ll spin out a majestic, vocal, disco, dance along song like we heard in his mix Shades of Grey. This is exactly what he does here with Good Life – his newest release.

I promise you that this will be an instant feel good hit. It’s groovy baby.




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