What It’s Like For A Rising Band in Today’s Music Business


I spoke with lead vocalist and side hustle manager of the badass Pittsburgh based band Unparalleled Height about life as a rising band on the cusp of making it to the show and the challenges that they have faced so far in their journey:

What do you find more challenging, crafting your vocals skills or managing the business side of the band? 

  • That is an interesting question that no one has ever asked. I would say they both bring about their challenges. I would have to say that managing the business side of the band is more challenging. The reason for this is because when I am working on my skills, it’s solely up to me to see how good I can become. When dealing with business, there are multiple factors that can halt progress. I would definitely say that the business side of the band causes more headaches and frustration for sure as well haha!
If you had advice for bands just starting out what would it be? 
  • Everything takes longer than you think. To reach the skill level you want to be, to get good shows/tours, to get in contact with the right people to help further your career, etc. Even when the label, agent, or manager becomes interested in you, the final signing of the contract is usually much later on than you think!
  • My other piece of advice would be to listen to your own heart and mind. Don’t let people external to your band influence the decisions you make, the music you write, or deter your from doing what you love. Believe me when I say it will happen, and those closest to you will be the first to criticize or try to deter you.
Do you see yourself one day working hand in hand with a big label or traveling down the independent road? 
  • That’s a great question. I would say we would like to work with a big label. Actually, over the past year, our ex-manager had us in contact with a few that were interested in us! However, they were not a fan of our image… Big labels have a bad reputation now largely but there is a lot they can do for you. There’s a very strong correlation with the growth of metal band’s and their labels. The biggest metal band’s in the world have good labels, plain in simple. There are several labels that have a bad reputation in this genre, and rightly so, but there are also many that have done a great job with their band’s that we would love to work with!
What types of things have you done as a “good businessman” for the band that you are proud of?
  • That’s really hard to say. In our band every decision we make is voted on. I can’t directly take credit for anything the band has done. I am very proud of the amount of growth that we have experienced over the past year in maturity and confidence in ourselves. We’ve had many revelations in the past year and the strongest one is that my passion for this only grows with each day.
Is there ever any tension between the band on who calls the shots on the business end or is it always a community decision? 
  • Of course! Band’s are so unique in today’s world. No one is anyone’s boss, yet everyone has to keep one another in check. Yes there are those in the band who have more of a leadership role. As I mentioned before, we vote on everything.  I always stand by a decision we make even if I am in the minority vote. I used to be really bad at that haha but that’s part of growth as an individual.
What’s next for UPH? 
  • Oh man… A LOT. Label signing, album release, touring, writing, etc. Throughout the rest of this year we are doing some regional dates on the weekends. We will also be signing with a label that we cannot announce until after the signing unfortunately haha! Longer stints of actual tours will start hopefully early next year/spring of next year. I assume that the release of our album, that was recorded in May of 2015 will be released then too. There has been a ton of hold up for releasing it because of some things that have happened over the past year. I am very excited and only looking forward to all the positive things that we will experience!

Check out their music here:

Music is life,



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