New Music: Filter Face – Wetbrain


Last week I was sent some pretty ill music. This is the kinda music I need in my life, full of energy and in your face. This comes from one of our Philly contributors Brian on Wetbrain and their latest single “Filter Face”

Funk is something that you do not usually hear in today’s music. Funk has transformed in many genres ranging from pop, edm, and most prevalently in hip-hop. When I hear Filter Face by Wetbrain I am welcomed by a groovy drum roll by Branden King which makes me know that something good is about to happen. Guitarist Andrew Haff and bassist Mat Antonia set the tone of this funky and groovy tune with a rhythmic vibe that leads the listener to wanting to move their head back and forth. After feeling the groove, Matthew Del Rio pulls the listener in with his aggressive lyrical delivery. Filter Face is something that reminds you of the 80s and would have definitely been blasted in night clubs, but it’s good to hear the hook “Hey Let It Go, Pain is all I know, God tell me so, Pushin my back up against the wall” in harmonic unison. If you are looking for a funky jam with old school vibes and modern rap lyrics check out Filter Face by Wetbrain.




Music is Life,



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