The Chainsmokers – Closer (Robotaki Remix)

I know what you’re thinking… and yeah, Closer is good, there have been a bajillion remixes that have come out, and you probably don’t feel like listening to another one.

My reason for writing this post is not just to get you to listen to another remix, it’s to encourage you to tag along for Robotaki’s re-imagination of this beautiful story originally told by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey.

In my opinion, the sign of a great remix reveals itself through the artist’s ability to create a song that could very well be a single on its own, but still retains core elements of the original. Robotaki is able to do this stylistically by creating two very different drops while bringing a funky kind of tropical scat along for the entire ride.

Around 2:35 Robotaki reboots the track and slowly layers in various elements until he catapults us into a future bass wonderland.

In the end, he brings back his funky groove to close out the journey, where honestly I found myself still wanting more (also the sign of a great remix / song).

Until next time,

– Trachstar

P.S. Show The Chainsmokers, Robotaki, and Halsey some love by checking out some more of their tunes.

The Chainsmokers:












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