Semple Sessions – Tony Soul

Welcome back, fellow music lovers. Today, we have local Pittsburgh rapper Tony Soul in the studio with us.

T56-nightsony’s been rapping and making music since he was 11 living on the streets of Pittsburgh. In his gritty verses, he takes us through the daily reality of growing up in the city, rapping about things he seen and heard. His style is heavily influenced by horrorcore rap, especially his rap idol Eminem, and the harshness of his lines is in line with his subject matter. Much like Eminem and his peers, Tony’s lines have ample shock value, but never simple for the sake of shock. His lines are never without a deeper meaning behind the words.deep-soul

In this session, we discuss how his upbringing, especially his lack of a father figure, inspired him to delve deep into his creative spirit. We talk about how music has changed his outlook on everything and how he wants to inspire young people the same way the music inspired him as a youth.

Thanks for watching and reading, everyone. We’ll be back again soon. Check out the music, and give us a share if you support the movement. See you all next time.




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