Stop, Drop, and Rock n’ Roll


About a month ago, Green Day dropped a new single on us… and hot damn, it’s good to have them back. Being a longtime fan of the band, I was stoked to read that they were working on their twelfth studio album, titled Revolution Radio. I believe Green Day is one of those bands that has successfully evolved throughout their career; keeping up with current events yet still maintaining their distinct sound. Proof comes in the form of the record’s first single, Bang, BangPolitically charged, fast paced, and catchy as hell, the song seems like the band’s response to the violent shit show of events occurring in America over the past year. Take a listen to Bang, Bang:

The title track of the album was released as the band’s second single. Released in early September, this track is my favorite of the three they’ve released so far. The catchy chorus, screeching leads, and powerful lyrics make this a really kick ass song. Have a listen, and try not to rock out too hard…or else you’ll end up with whiplash like me.

And just a couple of days ago, Green Day blessed their fans with ANOTHA ONE. Titled Still Breathing, this track is the most unique out of the three released so far. It’s a bit calmer than the other two, but still packs a powerful and emotional punch when the chorus kicks in. What I appreciate the most about this song is the production of it. I can’t quite put my finger on which element it is -maybe it’s the arpeggiating organ in the beginning of the song or the instrumentally stripped down verses- but the production of this song sounds very different from the rest. Have a listen and decide for yourself:

Revolution Radio drops October 7th, so get ready for another politically charged epic on par with 2004’s American Idiot- I know I am.


-A$$ Monét


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