Semple Sessions – Linwood

linwoodHello again, everyone! Well, summer’s now officially over, and that means getting back into the swing of things with school and life shit, you know how it is. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be dropping new sessions at least once a month, taking our time to make sure they’re as dope as can be.

Today, we have another talented, young performer with us, rapper-producer Linwood Randolph.

In the next coming weeks, Linwood will be dropping his freshman project, Summer Night Vice[s]. With this debut, he’s introducing himself to the world, making moves in the local rap scene alongside his crew, the Serene Team. As a rapper that produces his own tracks, his sound is explosive and experimental, explore themes of nighttime lust, vices and young love.

In the two tracks he features on today’s session, Rush and Selfish, he explores melodies in addition to spitting verses, mixing trippy samples with synthesizers and modulated hooks. The beats take many unexpected turns, keeping listeners on their toes. Inspired heavily by artists such as Drake and The Weeknd, Linwood uses his voice as an instrument as much as a method to deliver his rhymes.

Lyrically, he explores subjects such as his imperfections, his vices and, of course, the women in his life. As he said in the session, he’ll definitely be getting some text messages when the project drops.

Be sure to keep your ears glued to his Soundcloud when his project drops if you like what you hear. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook to keep tabs on his releases.

Thanks for watching and reading, everyone. We’ll see you again soon.

– Shuggie



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