What its Like to Eat on Tour


We talked with Brian Walker aka A Day Without Love about his experience with Eating on tour

Eating on Tour

                Food is often a topic that most musicians do not talk about. Sometimes it is because they can’t afford it, other times people go to the extreme of thinking that tour is not about eating it’s about hitting the road to every show. For me I believe that eating food on tour should be an experience just like meeting new people.

When you meet new people you gain new experiences, gather new perspectives, find a way of doing the same with food. I always do my best to try to ask the local people on tour about food that makes their town or city unique. I am not a fan of going out for pizza on multiple meals for the same nights of the week.

Rest stops are never healthy either, I do my best to keep healthy when on tour, and if I am going to have a cheat type meal, make sure that the food is unique. One time I played a gig out in North Adams, MA and found out about a delicious treat known as pizza muffins. Pizza muffins are a cupcake like dish filled with meat sauce topped with cheese and pepperonis a truly amazing dish and they give you 4 for only 7 bucks!

Sometimes I also find enjoyment in cooking with people who host me, by doing this I feel like I am not only getting a new experience, but I am also getting to know someone more intimately by hearing about their experiences of living in the new town that I am living in . In some ways, I think like music food brings people together. I think when you are able to bring food to your art, you are not only able to entertain your audience, but you also get to hear their experiences. Hearing experiences is just as important as sharing experiences and I think food is the bond that brings that together.

Diet is another important thing to consider when eating on tour. Many musicians have unique diets (for example: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian). Fortunately, in today’s society it is very easy to accommodate the self with diet restrictions. Just make sure that you still budget yourself so that you don’t hurt your wallet on the road! Some restaurants can be very expensive when it comes to having niche diet styles on the road. Where as others are cheap, so regardless of whether you are on a diet restriction or not, seek restaurants that have budget friendly and healthy food to keep you energized at the shows you play on tour.

Eating on tour is a unique experience that is full of many unexpected things and journeys. You never know what restaurants you will find. Sometimes people will feed you, other times people will cook for you, but what is most important is that you enjoy the journey and the experiences that come along the way. Like the stories, it is important that you give yourself energy to keep the dream alive.

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