Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight- Travis Scott


Two posts in as many days from your boy? You better believe it. Yesterday Isaiah Rashad dropped a new album that highlighted the morning but later in the day another highly anticipated album came out.  Travis Scott dropped his sophomore album “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” after many delays. But the wait is over and the music is amazing.  The production on this album is fantastic, but that is to be expected with Scott.  His vocals and stylistic approach also work to make this album a worthy follow-up to his highly acclaimed debut album “Rodeo.”  The album also features some great guest appearances from the likes of The Weeknd, Kendrick, and Andre 3000…just to name a few.  The album is an apple exclusive for the time being, so listen there if you are a subscriber.  If not, go find it elsewhere or wait for it to hit Spotify in a few weeks.  Summer may be coming to a close but the good music keeps on giving.  Enjoy!

G Baby


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