New Music: Montell Fish with “As We Walk Into Forever”


Pittsburgh’s Montell Fish just dropped one of my favorite local projects of the year.We were able to get a quick interview with Montell to talk about this album and what it meant to him:

First off I really love the arrangement of this album. Can you tell me about the inspiration behind the music?

Ha yeah man there was at least 20 remakes of the track list! I wanted this album to flow from start to finish. As far as the inspiration for this man, just music in general is just such a dope creation. I’m inspired to create whatever God lays on my heart, like whether it be rock, or some super chill RnB. I just have a wide music taste, and I thank God for it. 

What track do you want your fans to really pay attention to?
I want my fans to really pay attention to Wisdomless Boy because it just explains where I can be sometimes. Like I would mess up and sin, and I know I shouldn’t have done that but its about calling out  to God and saying, Lord I need help , like real bad. And then recognizing the world is not over, God still loves me. It’s a beautiful love story in faith. 
It seems that faith drives a lot of your creative process, can you talk about faith and how it goes hand in hand with your music?
Ha yeah man it wasn’t always like this, I use to rap about drugs, and sex and money. Like seriously, but it goes to show how God can change your life no matter how old you are. Since I gave my life to Jesus almost 2 years ago, and since my music is about my life. That is what I write about, and focus a majority of my songs around. On How God truly does love us, all of us. 
What do you want people to come away with after listening to this project?
I want people to understand that getting to heaven is a process man, its not like if you just believe in God you will go there. But the bible says ” And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” Basically meaning, we have to know God for heaven to actually happen. Like have a relationship with our Creator.
Did you produce this project?
I don’t really like to take credit for my music so I usually say produced/written by the Holy Spirit through Montell Fish. Lol I know I seem super hyper spiritual. But to answer your question, yea man I produced this whole album! (through God ,of course)
What’s next for Montell Fish?
Next I plan on opening a dog sitting business, and learning how to knit! Nah jk, I actually wanna make an ep next focusing on bass guitar. But I am also interested in making a worship ep. But also I wanna collab, and tour. But seriously right now I gotta promote this album, drop some videos and see where God takes me!
My favorite track on this project is “Wisdomless Boy” but that’s a tough decision because every track is gold from this talented musician. Enjoy

Music is life,



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