Metallica – Hardwired


So I have never tried to hide the fact that I love Metallica. Like a lot. Like too much. It could actually be a problem. But I don’t care. And when I got home from work yesterday and saw that Metallica had not only put out a single, “Hardwired”, but also announced a November 18th release date for the album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, I thanked the metal gods for repaying me for my suffering. I’m pretty sure there is no other announcement I’ve wanted to hear for a longtime, other than winning the lottery with a ticket I didn’t even know I had. In any case, the song clocks in just over 3 minutes, coming in hard and fast with both guitar chugging and snare drumming, and riffs its way to the end of the song. The song sounds good, and it feels good. And this means nothing coming from me because its obvious but I’m so hyped for this album.

Spotify also put out there first video content, Spotify Landmark, with a short, 4 video documentary called Metallica: The Early Years. If you wanna see were it all began or learn a little something, check it out on your mobile Spotify account because it’s for some reason only available on mobile.



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