Sunday RnR: Metallica – Metallica (The Black Album)


A couple days ago, August 12th, was the 25th anniversary of the release of Metallica’s best selling record to date, their self titled, fifth studio album, Metallica, most often referred to as The Black Album. This was the first of the bands albums to debut at Number 1 on Billboard, though every studio album they released since has debuted at Number 1. Metallica is loaded with some of the band’s most well known songs, including “Enter Sandman”, “Sad But True”, “Wherever I May Roam”, “The Unforgiven”, and “Nothing Else Matters”. Even the lesser known songs on this album are great, and as many have said in reference to the album, the first to truly capture the power the band was capable of on a record. While I may not entire agree with this statement, there is no doubt that this album is the one that propelled Metallica to the industry giants that they are today. Rock out my friends, and enjoy.



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