Semple Sessions – Connor Duddy

We’re finally back with Semple Sessions! New episodes will now be released on Fridays, scaling back from two videos a week to one. Today, we have audio engineer/producer extraordinaire Connor Duddy with us.

Connor’s been DJ-ing shows and producing beats for eight years now. His Soundcloud displays a litany of beats he’s produced as well as collaborations with other artists.

In today’s session, he previews several beats from his project, The Tiny Tape. He also created an entire beat from scratch with us on Semple Street (which is now available to hear on his Soundcloud). Augustun stopped in to drop a quick freestyle to close out the session.


Connor DJ-ing a set at Alter Bar, opening for Chris Webby with Augustun and Akono Miles

As always, if you like what you hear, please check out his music, his website (professional inquiries especially welcome!) and please help spread the word. Every click helps, and we appreciate having you all with us. Thanks for watching, everyone! See you next Friday.



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