#TBT Nelly- Country Grammar


Did you hear the news? Nelly’s debut album “Country Grammar” was officially certified Diamond as of late last week. That’s right. Diamond. That means “Country Grammar” has over 10 million records sold. You may be wondering how impressive a feat is that? Well, in the entire history of hip-hop, Nelly is only the 5th artist to accomplish this milestone and “Country Grammar” is only the 8th album. That’s crazy.

In case you were wondering, Nelly’s “Country Grammar” now joins 2Pac’s albums “All Eyez On Me” and “Greatest Hits,” Eminem’s albums “The Marshall Mathers LP” and “The Eminem Show,” Outkast’s “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below,” The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Life After Death,” and (much to my surprise when I saw the list) MC Hammer’s “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em.” So the only proper way to say congrats to Nelly: honor him with a TBT piece and listen to that great album all day. It’s going down down baby…


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