Coldplay at Metlife

I’m a Coldplay fan.

I’ll admit it.

I saw them in 2009 during their “Viva La Vida” tour and most recently the other night during their “A Head Full of Dreams” tour at a sold out Metlife stadium in New Jersey.

I’ll also admit that it’s comical to poke fun at them here and there.

And let’s face it, we’ve all gotten some good laughs at some of the jabs thrown at them over the years.

But I’m not here to provide a commentary on their “likeability” as told by pop culture or your friend Steve…

What I want to do is objectively highlight the perpetual message of positivity, hope, and unity the band sends fans, haters, and people all over the world.

And having just ridden an emotional rollercoaster starting with the highs of their show to the lows of getting home and hearing about the seemingly never-ending tragedies occurring in the world (Baton Rouge and Nice edition), I’ve come to the relatively simple conclusion that…


(which can also be translated as)


I’ll explain why.

But first, two quick disclaimers

  1. My initial intent for this post was to briefly recap Coldplay’s performance from a musical perspective, however, in this case, I’d rather dive a bit deeper into the power of music and how they use it.
  2. I promise that I won’t bring politics into this, however, this piece is fairly metaphorical by nature so all I’ll say is apply what you get out of it to other facets of life

Now… think of something you love to do.

ie. Baking cookies, drawing, coding, playing football, skateboarding, scrapbooking, playing the guitar, etc.

Now imagine doing what you love in front of tens of thousands of people every single night. And on top of that, you have over 17 million people on Twitter waiting to hear what you have to say next.

The point here is that you have an audience… a big one.

An active audience and fanbase who look to you to forget their troubles, to celebrate with, to be a role model, and even live vicariously through.

That’s a lot of power. And more than that… A lot of responsibility.

So what do you say to them? How close do you let them get to you? Do you live a certain way to protect your image? Do you promote things you care about or just what makes you the most money?

Coldplay has faced these questions every single day for the better half of 2 decades.

So that being said, how does Coldplay use their platform? And what are the messages they are sending out at their shows?

Well, here’s a prime example, specifically from their intro the other night.

For those not familiar, that speech comes from the film The Dictator starring Charlie Chaplin in 1940.

The point here is that Coldplay is using their massive platform to promote unity. To show the relevance of words spoken over 70 years ago and how along with their music they can bring together people of all races, nationalities, genders, religions, and ideals to forget their differences and embrace one another in dance and song.

That’s beautiful.

No, that’s fucking beautiful.

Oh and then they did it again during their show courtesy of some help from the late Muhammad Ali. (that specific footage was from their show in Zurich but they played the same clip the other night)

Like Muhammad Ali, Coldplay is again using their popularity and platform to send positive messages.

Directly before they played Everglow (which they then mashed with Ali’s words), lead singer Chris Martin pulled out a French flag in light of the terrorist attack in Nice just hours prior.

He placed it on the drums on stage and briefly spoke to the crowd about how he was dedicating the next song to the victims of the tragedy.

Chris continued…

“It’s a very confusing time to be alive…. The only response is to send love and good thoughts.”

And to be honest, yes, it is confusing.

There is so much hate mainly stemming from ignorance and intolerability.

And sometimes it’s hard to even understand where it comes from or what we can do about it.

But I don’t want to talk about the negatives… I want to talk about the positives.

The positives that Coldplay have decided to perpetually spread to everyone no matter what kind of hate is directed at the world, or even at them.

It’s the musical form of “non-complementary behavior.”

Think of it as flipping the script.

Receive hate…. Give love

And to be fair, Coldplay isn’t the only artist or entertainer who has or will use their platform to spread good vibes. As I write this, numerous artists are currently doing the same at the largest electronic music festival in the world, Tomorrowland, in Boom, Belgium, bringing hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world together to celebrate music, life, and friendship. And let’s not leave out legends like Bob Marley, The Beatles, and David Bowie.

We can all learn something from these entertainers and events.

But for the purpose of this piece I’m just saying that Coldplay is a current group that we as a civilization NEED to keep us sain and to keep injecting us with hope and unity.

I want to end this post by simply linking another video from their show the other night.

But to first preface it: Chris told the crowd to trust him right before the final drop of “Adventures of a Lifetime”  where everyone got down low… and then Chris counted in the drop launching the entire stadium into a blissful frenzy.

Until next time,


P.S. Here is the actual tracklist from their show on July 16th that I was lucky enough to attend. I encourage you to go see them on their tour

July 16th Track List: Metlife Stadium: Head Full of Dreams Tour

  1. Head full of dreams
  2. Yellow
  3. Every teardrop
  4. The Scientist
  5. Birds
  6. Paradise
  7.  Paradise (Tiesto Remix outro)
  8. Always in my head
  9. Princess of China
  10. Monologue from Chris
  11. Everglow with Muhammad Ali video at the end. (Dedicated to Nice victims)
  12. Clocks
  13. Midnight
  14. Charlie Brown
  15. Hymn for the weekend
  16. Fix You
  17. Heroes just for one day David Bowie cover
  18. Viva la Vid
  19. Adventure of a lifetime
  20. Kaleidoscope
  21. In My Place
  22. God put a smile upon your  face
  23. Jersey Girl Bruce Springsteen cover
  24. Amazing Day
  25. Sky Full of Stars
  26. Up and Up

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