Semple Sessions – Jet

Welcome back, ABAD listeners! Pittsburgh’s own Serene team joins us once again. This time, rapper-producer Jet stops by to debut a few tracks off his latest EP Cold Cuts.

During the session, Jet revealed to us that he was first inspired to start rapping at age 7 when he was challenged by a friend to rap. The rest, as they say, is history. His passion for performing with his crew is what has led him to try and take his career to the next level. His goal is to help curate local artists of all varieties and inspire them to work together to achieve the next big thing.

His first EP, Cold Cuts, is comprised of five tracks, two of which are self-produced. His style is chill and laid back. He’s trying to create a relaxing vibe with his music.

Be sure to check out his music on SoundCloud if you like what you hear, and check out Serene team’s official SoundCloud here. Follow him on Twitter @JetHaley, Instagram @Noliawhite and Snapchat @jet-stone.

Thanks for tuning in and supporting local artists. We appreciate each and every one of you watching. Hope to see you again on Wednesday.

– Shuggie

Next up: Singer/songwriter/musician/rock star/all-around awesome dude David Truman, formerly of the psychadelic rock band The Mellophants


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